Precision, Not Volume.

Cap is grimly picking off stragglers…

Which, incidentally, is how grading week is going.

Despite my massive propaganda push in class to turn in late assignments, I’m only getting a precious few per class, per day. It was pretty easy to handle them after school today, and still have time to play Magic: The Gathering with a student, and generally be available after school. With Friday morning as the time that I need to turn in the all important Ten Week Grades, you would think that there would be a more concerted push.

In theory, I’ll see a sudden, final spike on Thursday. A last ditch, last minute effort, if you will. With that said, it is worth mentioning that i have been telling the students that I intend to have the grades set and entered by the time that I leave the office on Thursday…meaning that some may be setting their final efforts for the report card too late.

It’s important to check the metaphorical focus of the last three days, to get a feeling for what Grading Week is like. We had Monday, with a Ravening Horde of Random Fantasy Monsters…that’s like the initial backlog of assignments. once that is done…pretty easy pickings, really, you need to move onto certain “Big Ticket Items.” These are special cases, outliers, and late comers. They need more personal attention, sure, but they aren’t all that much more challenging. Today’s post though, deals with the precision resolve that stragglers and true outliers present. You need to focus, to take aim, and hope that your Big #$%@ing laser has the kind of precision associated with lasers in the first place. In an ideal world, you catch all of those straggling assignments, and don;t need to do a messy and embarrassing clean up later.

Also, of metaphorical note is the continued Cable/Punisher theme. The last time I was so entrenched with that sort of visual lexicon was in the conflict with Darth Sidious, at my old school. I noticed this, and honestly think the darker costuming and content is a direct subconscious response to feeling played by the Edu-Lords, over the docked pay. Even though that matter is resolved, it has definitely hurt my “worldview” as it were, taking its toll on anything like esprit d’corps, or as they like to call it, “school spirit.” There are large numbers of students that need me to come in, care, and do my job well, and that’s just fine.

I mean, Cable and the Punisher do their jobs well. They just aren’t very social with their peers.

That’s the state that I’m in, I think. This isn’t like the situation with Darth…it’s personal, not a matter of Dark Policy. Which means I need to let it go…or at least, divorce myself from the adult problems, and address the matters that are important (you know, teaching and counseling students) with the kind of relentless efficiency and commitment I’m known for.

In a related point…drawing weapons that look like they could come in a box with GI Joe or the Punisher is HARD. I sort of understand why Rob Liefeld completely copped out for Cable, and kept drawing him with random, pseudo futuristic looking giant firearms….there’s no need to be compatible with any visual reference. That has been one of the hardest components of the past three days worth of art, because Cap has been hauling around very realistically referenced giant laser guns. No “dustbusters” here, True Believers.


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