Everything Old Is New Again.

Based on the iconic poster art from the 1988 anime film “Akira.”

That is the most on point, realistic portrayal of my car in the strip. Ever.

My car isn’t lowered, but it is a 190E Mercedes Benz four door sport sedan, from 1985. I brought her in, as readers know, a bit over a month ago, to fully restore the body and parts of the interior to showroom standards. The terrible weather here in Los Angeles made that a problem…you can’t rehabilitate sheet metal in the humidity or rain, and the drying and baking parts of the process become impossible to do. These very real technical issues were a huge delay, but no fault of anyone’s…it’s just the realities of a restoration paint job.

I brought it to the straight up geniuses at Culver Automotive. These gentlemen have worked on my car for over a decade…and over the past year, they repaired all the mistakes a closer shop made on my car. They have even done body work for me in the past, so I assumed that it would look good, and be done well.

When the owner called me up to tell me it was done, I was excited.

When the mechanic overseeing the repairs called me up, just to tell me that the car looked beautiful, and he was proud of his work, I was impressed.

When I drove up the next day, I have to admit…the car looked fantastic. Better than it had looked in years…decades in fact. Getting out and taking a look at her though…it was beyond high quality work. They took off all of the non metal parts, and made them black as night again. I didn’t even realize you could “reblack” components like those. The pin stripes were redone, as I asked, and they were done in gold….Metallic gold. Beautiful. Even the chrome parts and badges were removed, chromed, and polished. The tires and rims detailed. Quite literally, it was exactly how the car looked when showroom new.

I had asked for a new stereo…mine finally gave up the ghost. Not failing to impress, they installed a modern stereo….and then Bluetooth enabled my thirty two year old car. Complete with a microphone in the ceiling panel, to pick up my voice, and a button on the dash to make phone calls. That was Above and Beyond.

Obviously, I was very, very happy with the result. I still am amazed, days later. I must have spent a a half an hour with Ian, the mechanic, gushing over the attention to detail.

I’m going to provide the link again, to Culver Automotive. I’d rather send business to an artiste, than trash talk a business that doesn’t do what it should. Dimitry and his crew are definitely in the “artiste” category, and if your car needs service, even an oil change, you should check him out.

I felt like since such an excellent job had been done, I should present a more realistic portrayal of the car itself, hence today’s artwork. I also had real qualms about drawing it as the Millennium Falcon…the Falcon, although beloved, is kind of unreliable, and a bit junky looking. I even had second thoughts about my Falcon keychain.

Right now, it’s a lot more like the Enterprise. And that is a Good Thing.

Excelsior, True Believers!

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