The Right Pony For the Job.

Exploring Time Pony has clearly been on some kind of important mission.

While Cap has been working hard at dealing with random grading monsters, and trying to find Paper Grails, there has been a conspicuous absence of ponies for the past week. Clearly, those ponies had to have some kind of important job, to justify their being missing from these Important Events.

Well, of course.

Already, industrious ponies like Exploring Time Pony are trying to get together various artifacts for the end of the school year. There are only ten weeks left, and really, that is NOT much time at all. Prom has been only loosely planned at best, there are problems getting this years tickets for Grad Night sold…which could in fact cancel the event (if we aren’t careful) and the various events that are coming up soon have limited teacher involvement at best. Outside of activities, we have all sorts of other problems that need dealing with, and only the positive power of some pretty adventurous ponies can help with that.

One thing that I have found pretty disturbing is the sheer worry about immigration issues in my community. Students and their families are scared, especially with the increased presence of Immigration Officers in Los Angeles. Attendance has been down, and families are strongly considering other options beside living in Los Angeles. One of my students, who has to return to Mexico for family reasons, albeit briefly, was pretty frightened when she talked to me the other day. The school thought that she might be leaving the U.S. for good, and pretty much put a tangible fear in her about it.

The thing is…this is a student who has Made It, and has a college acceptance that she is planning on putting to work. She pretty much is the Dream in the Dream Act. She came to me pretty upset, and worried that the trip might affect her graduation or college acceptance. It took some pretty even talk, and a bit of research to prove that this would not be the case, and put her troubled mind at ease.

Still…that’s the environment of Fear that pervades the community that I teach now. It takes a lot of positive action to combat that kind of fear mongering, so the ponies have been working overtime.

Poor little guys.

Still…keeping motivation high for the students has been the highest importance, given that relative crumminess. Project Week helped, since that was fun, and now the students are enjoying “Catcher in the Rye.” In addition, I’ve been recommending good graphic novels, and even handed off a copy of Skottie Young’s “I Hate Fairyland” to the young ladies in my homeroom, who are especially stressed. It’s the small, day to day positive things that can combat the overall feeling of Dread that the political environment has caused.

It’s like I have said before…it doesn’t matter to Superman what’s going on politically, and who is in the White House. He has a job doing the right thing, saving cats from trees and protecting people from Bad Things, that goes on no matter what. Pretty much the same job that Cap and the Ponies have, and by extension, my job.

Exploring Time Pony seems to be having a tough time of it though. some kind of Evil Wizard Pony, and a weird Grizzly Bear of some kind…plus an active volcano, and some kind of lava river…I hope whatever motivational artifact he’s after is worth it.

Kind of how I feel about this upcoming week.


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