A World That Hates And Fears Them.

They don’t look too happy.

Yesterday’s staff meetings were frustrating. Extremely so. To the point that I had a really rough migraine, and had to do same day drawing. That’s the art above, which was actually done between classes.

In fact, the idea that it was done between classes makes me very, very happy. I didn’t have that level of drawing speed with quality previously. Not so long ago, it was one or the other.

The whole meeting involved the continued discussion of “The Work”, which is the new buzzword on campus. “The Work” is actually a huge, complex graphic organizer of state standards as compared to student skills, with yet another axis of reference for growth of skills over time. Sound confusing? It is a bit, but mostly, it seems like busy work. During the meeting about “The Work”, the actual content of “The Work” was changed, really making sections of it that time had been spent on Not That Useful at all.

I was pretty frustrated about that, and really attempted to pin down what needed to be done next, in order to finish “The Work”, so that I could just make a concerted effort to finish it.

This resulted in the Highest of Edu-Lords launching into a buzzword laden speech that took fifteen minutes, made no progress on “The Work” and to be fair, was really very directly alienating to me. I found myself wishing for Cap’s laser vision goggles. In addition, the English Department was pretty adversarial, and the overall feeling that I had was of being a kind of an outsider…not really helped by the idea that the High Edu-Lord directly suggested it. That thinking about “outsiders” made me think of the X-Men comics by Byrne and Claremont that I loved, and one thing led to another…

Leading to today’s artwork.

It dawned on me that Jean Grey never should have gotten really that much older. Since she has spent large amounts of Marvel continuity either dead, or in a life support pod at the bottom of Jamaica Bay, Cyclops should actually be much, much older than her. That’s because he’s actually aging in Real Marvel Time, while Jean/Phoenix would not be aging at all. The new “time lost” X-men sort of solve that weird age disparity quite handily.

Still…it was easy to understand the lure of Dark Phoenix in yesterday’s meetings. Trying to be helpful (or at least get things done), and then being relegated to the role of an outsider…it’s pretty frustrating and marginalizing. That’s pretty much all that ever happens to the X-Men….so it is no wonder that so many of them periodically turn into Bad Guys. Or Bad Girls, in this case.

They both look pretty peeved above, Jean clearly wanting to marshal the raw power of Dark Phoenix in frustration, and Cap not looking happy and actually wearing the laser vision goggles. She rarely wears them, this academic year almost only in Champions driven posts. So you know she’s ready to Get Serious. Those goggles are a real @#$% to draw…I’m kind of amazed at John Byrne on that, to be honest.

Still…the X-Men protect “a world that hates and fears them.” That’s the job description, as written by Chris Claremont. If I want to be able to keep wearing my Xavier’s School sweater and baseball cap, I have to be willing to do the same thing, even if that is just toughing out the uncalled for roughness of the High Edu-Lord.

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