Empty House.

That is one bored pony.

Yesterday was “Open House” night at the Edu-Mountain.

“Open House” is NOT Parent Conferencing. This is confusing to non-educators, so I’ll be clearer. Parent Conferencing is where you sit down with a parent and go over their student’s achievement in class, grades, and portfolio of work. Conduct is discussed, and a general individual report is given. It is pretty much what you would assume would happen with any kind of teacher meeting.

“Open House” is not that.

Instead, parents are supposed to come into your class, and once there, the teacher presents what their class is all about. Grading criteria, assignments, homework amounts. Student work is posted, and parents are invited to look at it, read it, review it and so forth. It’s like a guided tour of your child’s high school schedule.

Obviously, that’s of tangibly LESS interest to busy parents.

As a result, I saw a whopping SEVEN parents in a two hour long period. Four of them in the same fifteen minute block. That left me a whole lot of time to be as bored as that pony above, True Believers. In fact, I drew that bored pony while waiting for ANYONE to stop by.

Before you think that SEVEN parents was a bad turnout…I spoke to my few friends on staff. The highest number any of them had was FOUR. When we think about the educational system, the constant advice given to handle student problems is “call the parents.” Whereas that seems smart…when SEVEN out of two hundred possible parents show up to an “Open House” night at school, it calls into question the effectiveness of that as a strategy.

Also…super boring.


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