When They Were Fab.

The Titans, from DC Comics…with Cap, of course.

Cap is taking the Robin/Nightwing position on the team, because I’ve always liked Robin. When I was young, the idea of being Batman’s sidekick, and in the Teen Titans was awesome. Of course, that’s back when the lighter in tone, sixties and seventies Batman was all the rage. I don’t think I’d like being Batman’s sidekick that much now.

“Power Rangers” came out as a feature film today, which is very much an exercise in nostalgia marketing. It’s not targeted that much at me in the area of nostalgia, as I’m too old to have been the target demographic. I was in grad school at the time, and the Rangers were more fun, ironic humor for us than anything else. That said, I’m going to address the Rangers in the next post, because they are a pretty big deal right now.

DC’s “Rebirth” event is very much the same kind of exercise in nostalgia. After pulling the rug of continuity out from under long time readers, and completely redesigning and reinventing, DC is returning to its “traditional” continuity with the “Rebirth” event. In order to do that, they needed to bring back Wally West (Kid Flash) and reassemble the Teen Titans…while explaining somehow the sweeping problems in continuity.

This was done with a Time Travel Problem, and a whole lot of meta commentary about modern comics. The premise is that Wally emerges from the time stream, and the Titans don’t remember him. They fight (like superheroes always do) and some kind of lightning restores their memories of Wally, and their place in the time stream. It remains a bit paradoxical, to be honest, but the central point is that their friendship is stronger than the meddling with time.

The story isn’t bad. It deals with pretty standard superhero far for the rest of the adventure…with the Titans, who are no longer teens, trying to figure out who “did this to them.” That’s where the met commentary about editorial meddling comes about…and that is what it is. It’s not bad…but there isn’t any huge draw or hook, beside the nostalgia factor. I WANT it to be a good book, but it falls into the category of “not bad.”

I think a large part of that is in actually dealing with the continuity problems, and the alienation of the reader base. The characters talk about those kinds of things, and as a result, you are VERY aware of them. It may have been much smarter to just start a story, with old continuity intact, and move forward.

The art before I cropped it for the lead image.

The Titans have been visually redesigned again, to look more…Modern, I suppose. No matter how tough they make Aqualad look, with his ripped physique and tribal tattoos…he’s still Aqualad, you know? Not even as effective as Aquaman. Aquaman’s SIDEKICK. The baseball cap on Speedy (now called “Arsenal”) really bugs me for some reason. Like….way more than it should. All of that notwithstanding, the book is far less visually jarring than the New 52 “reboot”, which I used the sketch cover of for today’s art.

Yes…this weekend, all I wanted to do was read comics, draw about them, and talk about them. Mission accomplished.

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