March MODOK Madness 2017!

Sometimes, I just want to draw a MODOK getting worked over.

Ive been slow off the draw in dealing with March MODOK Madness this year, and sadly, March is almost over. As a result, I took out my Monday frustrations with this MODOK getting punched in the face with superstrength. Since I have done MODOKs before, I decided to put the big headed super villain in one of his giant robot man suits, just to change things up, visually.

My Monday frustrations mostly had to do with the Counseling Office. I rarely interact with them at all, because in eighteen years of teaching, I have really found them to be of little use. Honestly. In this instance, the College Counselor wanted to come to my class (all day) to set up each Tenth Grade Student with a College Board account, and linked Khan Academy SAT prep account. These are useful things, so I agreed.

It more or less sacked a whole day of class, and my Sixth Period class handled things…poorly. Period Six will be unpleasant today, as a result. All told, it was a modestly boring and frustrating day.

Last year at this time, I was deep in the throes of the March MODOK Madness Magic The Gathering tourney. This year…not so much. The Magic: the Gathering club is undergoing a kind of forced downsizing/reoganization, and after that we are going to attempt to finally have a tournament. I think that has a major part in why I was so late drawing any MODOKs this year…I was kind of cranky that the tourney was not moving forward.

Also…Cap’s commentary above is pretty massively on point. That MODOK does have a Bannon like appearance. Heck…Steve Bannon generally looks like the guy in a science fiction movie you has gotten a dangerous space disease, knows it, but refuses to admit it to the crew of the ship. Just pointing that out.

Once again…feel free to check out the official March MODOK Madness….it is a wonderfully odd (only one month of contribution and posting annually) web site. I’m pretty fond of its quirky weirdness.

Onward and forward, True Believers!


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