A Quiet Moment Before The Storm….

Just hangin’ around.

I drew this late on Tuesday, while considering how things were going to go for the rest of my week. It is part of my ongoing effort to actually draw characters doing ordinary things, because that’s really hard. Reading comics all the time, you get a sort of “working knowledge” of how to make a realistic composition of an Alien American super hero punching a Steve Bannon looking MODOK in the face.

You have less opportunity to practice the posture of just sitting around, or for that matter, standing around casually and talking. When those aren’t done well, it really distresses any kind of narrative that you are looking for.

I felt like Cap should be sitting around, not doing a whole lot because for the first part, I was. For the second part…the next forty eight hours of work will be a Big Thing. Tomorrow is “Parent Conference” night, not to be confused with the prior week’s “Open House.” Honestly…they are similar enough to be considered the same thing. This “Parent Conference” night has an interesting wrinkle though. Teachers are supposed to schedule appointments with the parents of students that they want to see.

That’s no big deal…I would actually be pretty happy with that, if that was the sole way that this was supposed to be populated. But…no.

The school will be sending a Robo-Call home telling the parents to “stop by for Parent Conference Night.” That basically means that any scheduled conferences will be regularly interrupted by other parents kind of just wandering in. It happened last year, and was intensely frustrating.

Add to that a dose of my inherent superstition. Last year, at the end of Parent Conference Night, my transmission trouble started, and the whole drama began with the Other Shop. Right now, my beloved car is like a brand new vehicle…but the Dark shadow of the last Parent Conference looms large in my superstition.


One thought on “A Quiet Moment Before The Storm….

  1. Nice art. I particularly like the wood grain in the chair base and the shadow under the seat cushion. The subtle foreshortening of the right hand and left foot is also pretty excellent.

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