Edu-Mountain: The Siege.

Non-fiction here…

Parent Conference Night happened.

Unlike “Open House”, where I saw merely SEVEN parents out of two hundred students on my roster, Parent Conferences were relatively well attended. In the same time frame, I had FORTY TWO parent conferences take place, amounting to one every few minutes. It was hard to keep things brisk, to move things along, but I managed it. Especially challenging since it was Parent Conferences last year that marked the beginning of my transmission problems.

Being intensely superstitious, this caused me to wake up with, and maintain an intense migraine for much of the day. That made both class, and conferencing, an interesting challenge.

Many teachers look to Parent Conferences as a kind of “payback day.” They try hard to get all of the “problem students” in, so that they can unload their beefs with Mom and Dad, both barrels. I really have no desire to do that kind of thing…it just seems like a poor decision. In a couple of years, my students will be adults, in the world. If they can’t learn to work with their bosses, those employers aren’t going to meet with parents, and chew them out. Instead, they will just be fired. I feel like working things out teacher to student is a valuable life skill.

Pretty much all of my conferences were positive. They involved looking at the assignments online, talking about grades for a bit, and then a general shaking of hands. The truth is…the overwhelming majority of students are pretty decent people.

Although it was super busy, and i was under the weather, it turned out to be kind of a fun endeavour. And most importantly…the drive home was uneventful.

Excelsior to that, True Believers!

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