My Chiropractor, My Nemesis…!

So, yeah. This is a thing.

Over the weekend, my father was re-admitted to the hospital. This had pretty much nothing to do with the Lung Cancer, which he is receiving the genetically targeted treatment for. That all seems promising.

No…this had to do with a whole slew of other underlying problems with his health that my sister and I were completely unaware of. He was intensively dehydrated, his kidney function was…not great, and he was pretty much incoherent. A weekend stay at the hospital restored most of his currently “normal” levels of health, but also made him generally ornery and contrary.

Last week, my sister and I noticed a lack of cogency when we spoke to him on the phone. We had a conversation with each other, followed by a Stern set of Talks with other family members. The gist of things was that we would be taking over fully supervising my father’s medical care. This is because my mother isn’t really equipped to deal with it…she generally finds the science to be overwhelming, at best. She also tends to rely on my OTHER sister’s husband to help navigate things, and he has his hands pretty full.

That OTHER sister’s husband is a nice guy. As per the art, he’s a Chiropractor, and I’m not sure if he’s an Inhuman American. The thing is…there are two competing problems with him handling things, maybe three. First…he has a whole lot on his plate. Running a practice, dealing with his family (three kids), and the fact that his house was recently hit by a tornado. That’s not exaggeration, that happened. So…there’s a lot of insurance to sort out there.

Second…despite the fact that my mother doesn’t recognize the difference…a chiropractor isn’t an M.D. He’s a nice, guy, and smart, but at the end of the day, I’d rather talk directly to an M.D., instead of filtering through another “middle man.” Granted, ANY middle man is more reliable than my parents on this, but it’s a superfluous added step.

Lastly…he actually takes information from my mother at some kind of face value. That’s just crazy. That’s like hanging out with Brainiac and Lex Luthor and thinking, “No…these guys are cool. They definitely won’t double cross me.” It’s not a good standpoint for business.

Still…he did step up to the plate this weekend, and stay on top of keeping my sister and I informed as to what was happening. At this point, my Dad is out of the hospital, and back to his previously existing levels of…well, not so great. I spoke to him, and honestly, he just doesn’t understand what’s happening, and really isn’t too interested in listening. He just kind of wants everyone to leave him alone, to be miserable, which is pretty depressing to think about.

All of these shenanigans now take place during my morning commute, and via text during the day. Time differences work in my favor to a degree on that, allowing my brutally early morning commute to be “business hours” for most places I need to call and generally be belligerent. Reasonably convenient.

The conversation in that panel? Pretty much happened, True Believers.


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