Bombshells Team Up: Back To The Negative Zone!

I really like this finished panel.

First off, if you are unfamiliar with the “DC Bombshells” concept, click here. Did you not click the button? Fine….DC Comics Bombshells refers to a line of statues released by DC Collectibles depicting DC Comics superheroines in a retro 1940’s pin up art style based on designs by Ant Lucia. The line has further expanded to encompass variant covers of DC Comics, licensed memorabilia such as art prints, T-shirts and mugs and their own ongoing comic book. Despite the 1940’s World War II setting of the comic book, it is surprisingly feminist without being preachy, and LGBT friendly.

Second…that’s Batwoman up there in the Team-Up.

Batwoman wears a baseball style uniform, and carries a bat. A baseball bat. Yes…the bat later gets a bazooka in it, buy initially, she wears an old school women’s baseball dress, and carries a bat. These things both make her a superhero, and also maker her @#$%ing awesome. Batwoman is perhaps my Favorite Thing about “Bombshells.” She’s a baseball playing Jewish Lesbian who goes after wartime Nazis with a bat. That’s more fun per square inch than any ten other comics have in them, and she’s just one part of an ensemble cast.

Obviously, I highly recommend the book.

The art took shape on a rough day. You’ll note that Cap has one of her old shields out, and is covering for Batwoman while she lays the bat-bazooka hurt on someone. The picture proved to be pretty cathartic…I drew it while absorbing news, late yesterday, of events around my old school.

The short form, is this. In a planned, gang style hit right across the street, ten shot were fired, and three students (from the nearby High School) were hit. One of them passed away, and having gone to the Middle School where I was, I knew all of them. My phone had been blowing up with updates and texts the whole night about it.

My feelings are torn. In many cases, the sad reality is that young people make the choices that can make them targets, or not. I knew the boy that passed away, and being very honest about it, he did often run with a bad crowd. I feel like somehow the problem was way earlier than yesterday, that there should have been a concerted effort to get him away from that crowd, and thus out of the line of fire. It’s kind of like the system very gradually let it happen, by chalking up certain things to elements outside of the control of a school, or even just the nature of the community.

There’s an ongoing investigation, and given the location of the event, there are security cameras and other documentation. There were countless witnesses. The grunt work of processing that should lead to an arrest, but really…one has to question what good that will really do. Obviously, it will take a cold killer off the streets, but the harm is done here, already. Again, it seems like there was some kind of failure in intervention. The area is KNOWN to have a huge amount of gang activity, to be a disputed area. Going in an making an arrest now is fine, but the prevention should have been taking place…precisely to keep this sort of thing from happening.

I’ve been gone from that Negative Zone for almost two years now. I have different education problems, still in the inner city…but vicious gangland reprisals are not among them any more.

Obviously, I am a bit angry, and want the shooter to be caught, and swiftly. That’s part of the reason that Batwoman is laying down the hurt in today’s artwork. That kind of cartoonish catharsis helps organize one’s feelings on this kind of thing. It’s also why Cap hauled out that Ameri-Shield today. Cap’s nigh invulnerable, sure, but the shield let’s her protect people behind her. That’s more important than “getting the bad guys”, I think.

Maybe you need both together. It does make for an excellent Team Up.

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