Dr. Horse, M.D.

Drawn at the CVS minute clinic.

A short post for the first day of Spring Break.

I got a series of threatening letters from LAUSD the other day, regarding my health benefits. The first was a benefits audit, which is really about making sure that no one is defrauding them on dependents. The other one was the “request” that I get a tuberculosis test done, before mid June. Each teacher has to do that, every five years…without the test, you can’t be in the classroom at all.

As a result, I grabbed some comics, and my drawing board, and went to the CVS Minute Clinic in Marina Del Rey. Things went super fast, and everyone was super friendly…I barely had time to get Dr. Horse, M.D. drawn, and they even gave me a sticker saying I was brave.

There was, after all, a tiny needle involved.

Except for needing to go back and have the test read on Wednesday at one o’clock, I am free of school related obligations for a week. I spent the day pretty quietly, reading and eating “birthday Cake” flavored Oreo cookies that I got at the same CVS.


Dr. Horse looks pretty happy that he could help too. I’m always complaining that these ponies have no medical knowledge, so he was a long time coming.


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