Four Score And Seven Smacks Ago…

In case you are wondering…I actually drew it at the Adam West “dutch angle.” Of course I did.

There are days where I feel bad for people who haven’t taken hours upon hours to teach themselves how to draw.

If I feel frustrated with something political, I can just draw a superhero smacking the living @#$% out of the guy on the five dollar bill, while waiting in the CVS Minute Clinic to get my TB test read. That’s pretty much what happened, obviously.

Why Abe Lincoln? Abraham Lincoln is a straight up STAPLE of sci fi and comics. Don’t believe me? Fine.

  • He teamed up with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock to prove to aliens that good was stronger than evil.
  • He fought Captain America.
  • Later, he Teamed Up with Captain America.
  • He appeared in “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” helping to write a history report that later facilitated peace in the known universe.
  • He teamed up with Edgar Allan Poe to fight vampires. Lots of them.

It’s actually pretty easy to go on with the list, actually. Feel free to google the subject…it’s a pretty deep rabbit hole.

But for each good Lincoln in the universe, there is an Evil Lincoln. It has something to do with cosmic balance or somesuch…you would need to ask Dr. Strange, or maybe the Phantom Stranger about it. The Evil Lincolns are why the Abraham Lincoln Council was formed…which is something that I saw on the sleeve of a Boy Scout Uniform once. The Abraham Lincoln Council, I figure, just HAS to be a Guardians of the Universe style organization of time traveling variant Good Lincolns, acting through agents to prevent the actions of Evil Lincolns through Time and Space.

See? Wasn’t that much more interesting than looking at Google News, and seeing whatever debacle has happened in the Oval Office on whatever day that you are reading this?

Plus, Evil Lincoln has the advantage of both having superpowers, and being directly Evil. It’s in his name. You’re fighting Evil Lincoln, you know that he’s got the intelligence of a lawyer, and Kryptonian level superpowers, and a @#$%ed up axe of some kind for splitting logs. You are on firm, clear intellectual ground dealing with Evil Lincoln, unlike trying to sort out the alternative facts and half truths of the news these days.

So…today, we have Evil Lincoln getting worked over by Cap. Maybe she’ll take him to some kind of prison planet, maybe the Phantom Zone…hard to say. Evil Lincoln is pretty @#$%ing clever though, so he WILL get out.

The last post was pretty heavy, so this happened.


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