Big Trouble on the A-Train!

Drawing this was HARD. Posting it is satisfying.

I have to assume that the girl was somehow tied to the subway tracks by the mutant/deviant underdwellers, and that Cap straight up blocked the train, wrecking it. That’s my story here. I have no real foundation about it, other than to have to think about what the @#$% was happening over the two days that I drew this.

I like that Applejack seems concerned and mildly indignant, as well.

I’m also thinking…even if those underdwellers have superpowers…after all, they usually do…they just probably watched Cap straight up destroy a subway train, and not even tear her jacket. Why do they still want to fight with her? Or is the plan just to snatch back the girl from the 1950s, and put her back on the tracks? Who knows what underdwellers think?

Why am I drawing and writing about subways, morlocks, and dangerous transit? Because for the first time, EVER, I am taking the train here in Los Angeles! It’s a new thing for me, and I am kind of stupidly excited.

The point is to get to Little Tokyo, and explore a store called Anime Jungle. They have a truly massive online store, and the brick and mortar facility in Los Angeles is IMMENSE. Friends of mine are taking me on this field trip, and teaching me how to use the train.

Obviously, there will be some kind of commentary on Anime Jungle tomorrow…or maybe Monday, based on how quickly I can draw.

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