Back On Track!

Going into the Edu-Mountain pretty much feels like this today.

Spring Break is over, and we are in the final eight weeks or so of class. It is the Big Push for final grades, and is a pretty big deal, all told.

In the next couple of weeks, we will need to finish up with “Catcher in the Rye” in my English classes. The book has been moving briskly, and the students are more or less enjoying it. Not that student enjoyment is the End All, Be All, but I can’t complain too much when they connect to the material and seem motivated.

I was thinking of my homeroom when I did the anime/manga inspired piece for today. They are genuinely very fond of me, and I am pretty fond of them…we have been stuck with each other for almost two years now. They are good kids, and Juniors…so many of them are very stressed out about their transcripts, their grades, and that college looms ahead of them. If not college, at least graduation.

They are an odd group. I have a cheerleader who is happy and motivated about everything, but is also a person of surprising depth. I have two true scholar athletes, I have an “A student” who stresses about EVERYTHING, and an “A student” who never says a word, but smiles at everything that is funny, and seems to be always enjoying some very private joke. One of the Magic players is in there, as well as a track runner and a softball player. It’s a mixed group, and there isn’t a mean kid in the lot.

I honestly enjoy having them, and am looking forward to seeing them all again today. Just as graduation and college loom large for them…I’m starting to realize that yes…there’s a bunch of time that I will still have them, day to day…but those days are numbered. Soon those days will be all about milestones…about getting them on to their next stage of life. That’s great, but in some ways, it’s a little sad.

Not today though. Today is pretty much fun, and me being proud of them while smiling at MY very private jokes. Today is once again descending into the hurly burly of life As A Teenager and giving advice about geometry, class scheduling, and how to ask that person that you really like to the dance. It’s about calming down the stressed out student, and laughing with the cheerleader.

That’s what the art is about. See…they are all running toward something, those Edu-Squires…and Cap is running with them. They aren’t hyper evolved yet, but that’s where their going.


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