The Return Of Chibi Avacyn!

Chibi Avacyn is back from the Adorable Zone! Yay!

Much like the last time that we saw her, Chibi Avacyn is appearing in Tales of Adequacy hot on the heels of @#$% and useless meetings. In this case, it is also because in the days following those kinds of confrontational and simultaneously time wasting meetings, I feel the need to focus on the very GOOD parts of my job.

I’ve been tutoring Geometry all week after school, because tons of my students are doing poorly in the class. Its not really the fault of the students as such…whenever I ask for notes on the class, there aren’t any, even from the best of students. The examples have pretty poor explanations, that I often wind up researching a bit, to attempt to clarify them. All in all, the class that I’m talking about could be managed better, and could certainly have better instruction.

A small group of students have made it their mission to do well in it anyway, and we have been meeting after school. A significant portion of the group are Magic: The Gathering players, and on Thursday afternoon, we simply were not feeling the Geometry. Heck…I hadn’t played a game of Magic all week, having been buried under overdue assignments, and preparing for the report card that is due next week.

So, Thursday afternoon, I sat down and played a few games of Magic. I brought out my Avacyn driven deck, and played an excellent few rounds, really enjoying the company of the students. I took the time to do this, because while I was in the usual meeting of the club, at lunch, a student expressed real concern for me. She said that she was worried that I don’t eat, and that I’m always working so hard. She literally DEMANDED that I take some time, and just sit and talk with her about Literature and Chicano Studies, because I “really like talking about smart things.”

Young people, when they care, are so incredibly honest and direct about it.

She had a point, though. I needed to not just defeat the bloodsucking vampires in my surroundings…i also had to enjoy the excellent things.

So, taking that to heart, I rolled out Avacyn again. Very satisfying. Also, I’ve packed a lunch, because I have a feeling that she will be checking.

I also plan to play the big group game during lunch today. I’m seriously looking forward to it, in fact. The after school players and I were talking about clever deck builds and combinations, so I’m figuring that I’ll probably be making a trip to the game store. I’m not sure, because it is a pre-release event weekend for the new set of cards, which comes out (I believe) the following week. Having done a pre-release event in the fall semester, and not enjoyed it all that much, I’m not that sure I want to be there for the “festivities.”

True Believers…my student had a serious lesson here. One that we all forget. We need to take care of ourselves, take a moment to enjoy the positives around us, and most importantly…be excellent to each other.

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