An Age Undream’d Of…

Wizards are a big @#$%ing hassle.

Jack Kirby himself said that the silhouette was the most powerful image possible to draw. I will tell you this…the silhouette of a raggedy wixard lord from the Hyborian age is a total @#$% to draw.

Also…Wow. Cap is in her old Edu-Knight uniform, minus the shoulder pads. That’s mostly because the suit seemed to fit what was going on in the art, not any return to silly things like “school spirit.” Let’s not get stupid here, True Believers.

It is Monday, on a week where Report Cards are due. This is the “Third Grading Period”, where teachers are encouraged to grade hard, as a warning of potential failure on the final report card. Prom will be at the end of the week, and very, very few weeks remain before the end of the school year. It is very much the “end game” as far as school and grades are concerned. That’s not so easy for the students themselves to grasp…they think that the remaining few weeks represent an infinity of time with which to get things done.

The Spider-Man team up here is key, though. Metaphorically so, that is. You see, in current comics continuity, Tony Stark is out of the picture, but Spider-Man/Peter Parker runs his own tech firm, and is pretty @#$%ing wealthy. The current state of affairs at the Edu-Mountain suggests that there might need to be a “Rascals” style rebellion, but with less of a need for gratuitous metaphorical force than the previous “Rascals” plot. Instead of a War Machine Suit, an “Iron Spider” Suit of some kind would probably be on point…

So…you probably need to impress Spider-Man by teaming up with him at the Edu-Mountain, to school a @#$%ing Insano Wizard. That way, you can convince him to help you out by hooking you up with a new uniform, that is loaded for weird bears, without having to go to the…ahem…”lengths” that you need to with say, Tony Stark or Norman Osborn.

All that to say that the Public School Choice Office is coming by to review the school’s compliance with its “reorganization plan.” The High Evolutionary (principal) had a good Fear Rant at the staff about that the other day, which prompted myself and many other staff members to attempt to get on some of the Teacher Focus Groups, to give a fair and balanced appraisal. Always fair, always balanced.

Also though…I wanted to continue the “Magic: The Gathering” theme of art for the past few days. That tattered Insano Wizard Silhouette could clearly be a demented planeswalker, who needs to be Put In His Place by Spidey and Cap. Consider those the possible players at lunch this week, True Believers…

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