Interlude: Family Matters

    The second time I experimented with a new creative process.

In that process, I just kind of sketch the panels without panel borders or text of any kind, or even much or a layout. Very free form, as “insets” on the same page…just kind of drawing as I go. Then the images are scanned, digitally corrected, made into panels, the page composed, and finally speech added. Normally, the layout is pretty clearly defined on the page for those kinds of things, and I work within those constraints.

It’s an interesting process…I’m not sure how much I do (or don’t) like it. For one thing, it does very much encourage a sort of skimping on backgrounds…although with this one, and last week’s vampire staking, I really felt that wasn’t a disadvantage.

In terms of content, the two pieces are actually closely related…go figure. See, Cap’s mother is back! That can’t be good.

In short…last week, my mother decided that all of Dad’s health problems were a side effect of the life saving, miraculous cancer drug that my sister and I flew thousands of miles to get for him. The thing is though…it’s not chemo, and has pretty much NO documented side effects. That kind of thing (science) doesn’t matter for @#$% to my mother though…she took him off the cancer curing meds, and SWORE that he was improving. Heck…she SWORE that the oncologist had TOLD her to do it.

Absolutely none of those things were true. My sister and I found this out, of course, when my father actually went to see the oncologist, who pretty much said, “Your kids are right. He’s badly dehydrated and depressed. Get back on the cancer meds.” Entirely because of this, my mother is not speaking to either of us, perhaps for the forseeable future.

Let’s be clear here…we were right, and gave good advice…so she disrespected our opinions, insulted us, and now has pretty much exiled us from the family. In case you are wondering, True Believers, she is pretty much my Role Model on how NOT to deal with the children that I teach.

While drawing it, I got some questions from people looking over my shoulder. The most common one was, “Can’t Cap take that hit easily?” True enough, we have seen Cap take major hits…catching falling mountains, rockets, trains, Kryptonian punches, a punch into orbit…just to name a few. The key things to bear in mind here are these:

  • Her mother is pretty #$%@ing rough.
  • It has been previously established that her mother is an Inhuman American that harnesses some kind of major Dark Energy, which also has to be pretty @#$%ing rough.
  • Even though Cap didn’t want to fight, she wasn’t expecting that Slap Supreme.

That last part, is pretty much the heart of the metaphor. Amazingly, my sister is drawing a line in the sand similar to the way that I do, for the first time ever. She feels like the stakes were too high for our mother to be “that hardheaded.” As a result, she isn’t talking to our parents until they break the silence. At this point, it has been a week, with no real change to that status.

I don’t feel too great about that, to be honest. My relationship with my parents has always been what it is…but my sister, she had some kind of useful interactions. Watching that degenerate because my mother can’t take advice, criticism, or help is depressing, in a way. From what was heard through the family, she’s going to be trenching in on this enforced exile, which is no skin off of my back, but pretty rotten for my sister.

Next issue we are back to the Edu-Mountain! That’s why the title said “interlude…”

2 thoughts on “Interlude: Family Matters

    • Thanks. The process does produce a sketchier, harder to balance texture with the pencils though. I almost want to go back, ink it, and reshoot or scan it, to get an even tone of the black spaces in the panels.

      That said…the lack of consistently in line weight is overshadowed by diverse composition, and pacing. Glad you liked it, actually.

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