“Deadlock Trap”…in some ways, it seems like a big microwave.

“Deadlock Trap” is a rare card from the Kaladesh block, and also one of the stpryline cards…so it was supposed to be kind of a big deal. It’s also a pretty good card, an artifact that costs three mana to bring into play, and reads the following: “Deadlock Trap enters the battlefield tapped. When Deadlock Trap enters the battlefield, you get two energy counters. Tap, Pay One Energy: Tap target creature or planeswalker. Its activated abilities can’t be activated this turn.”

You got all that? There’s a bit there. It’s a really good card, even without a whole lot of energy counters to run it.

There’s a couple of reasons that I’m talking about it today. One reason is that it is one of my favorite cards from the Kaladesh block, a block I expected to like more. Apparently, I’m not alone in that opinion among Magic: The Gathering players. Kaladesh wasn’t all that well received. For one, the Energy counter mechanic wasn’t really something that people liked a whole lot…a new persistent resource in the game. None of the game mechanics for the set did that well under scrutiny, and apparently didn’t bring that much interest in play, or empirically measurable “fun” to the game.

I had actually thought that it was JUST my poor experience at Pre-Release that put me off of it. The members of my club at school pointed out that they weren’t that into it either, leaning very heavily on the Battle for Zendikar and Innistrad blocks for their card source and deck builds. In fact, when we did Booster Draft, and one of them had bought a box, he chose to go with Eldritch Moon, because he liked the cards better, and felt it would be a more fun draft.

So…soon enough, the block will be in the past…a couple of days in fact, and Amonkhet will be released. Kaladesh and Deadlock Traps will be firmly left behind us.

The Deadlock Trap itself is a whole lot like my situation at school, during a Grading Week. The Deadlock Trap takes away your powers, and keeps you from doing anything, until it runs out of energy. Yep. This week, I’m constantly meeting with students, asking for late work, grading and recalculating, then entering new data. It’s a cycle that lasts so long as it has fuel, and that fuel will last at least through tomorrow. It’s worth it, in that it keeps my fail rate very low, but at this point, I would very much like to do something else with much of my time.

Before I get a whole lot of questions about it…Deadlock Trap should temporarily stymie Cap’s powers, given what it does. It’s both magical (and Alien Americans are no more resistant to magic than anyone else) and designed to just negate powers….like all of the shackles that everyone used to put on the X-Men. Granted, it would take a pretty steady supply of a lot of energy to hold Cap, and then she’s just going to reduce the whole thing to a steampunk looking pile of scrap metal.

Deadlock Trap only has two turns of its own energy after all.

I like the steampunk style, Silver Age mentality of the art for Deadlock Trap, which is why I homaged it. In the Silver Age, if you captured a superhero, you invariably put them into glass tubes, or clear glass cases, and sort of had them on display in your lair. Deadlock Trap has the same kind of “feel” to it as an idea, especially given that little window in it.

More interesting than question of Cap wrecking the Trap is the Face Tattoo Lady in the background. That’s really the first portrayal, of any kind, of the co-teacher that I was assigned this year. She’s a good teacher, and highly motivated…but hates the content. If you don’t like English, but are assigned to co-teach an English class…that causes interesting challenges. You’ll note that she’s stuck in the Deadlock Trap, but isn’t actively trying to break free like Cap. In fact, she just looks kind of annoyed with Cap.

Yep. Pretty on the nose, that.

Soon, though, Kaladesh and Grading Week will be in the past.


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