Into The Great Wide Open….

Once again using the “free sketch” method I’ve been experimenting with.

I should stop becoming friends with History Teachers.

Obviously, that sentence needs some kind of an explanation. Teaching is a surprisingly turbulent profession, especially in the Inner City environment. Heck, I’ve been involved in two major court cases, where the main point was to incentivize teachers to stay in schools like mine, and provide the kind of continuity of education that more affluent schools enjoy. What usually happens is on e of two things: either new teachers “cut their teeth” at rough schools, and leave as soon as the situation allows, or teachers decide that the profession “isn’t for them”, and leave to do something more lucrative.

I’ve not made a whole lot of friends at the Edu-Mountain, but today is pretty important on that social front. While I’m at a “Wing Stop” fundraiser for school activities, one of those few friends will be on the West Side, interviewing for a position at a very swanky school. In all probability, she will get an offer…this teacher looks fantastic on paper.

That in turn, will take another excellent teacher out of the context of Title I, Federally supported education, and continue the situation that provides so many students that are either minorities, socio-economically disadvantaged, or both, with a substandard education.

I can’t blame her though. Heck, I can’t really blame the guy who just quit on the spot last week. They had their reasons. In this case, over the past few weeks the teacher interviewing has had situations with the Edu-Lords that would test anyone’s loyalty, and certainly make any reasonable person want to get on their Flying Robot Unicorn and bail.

Art wise, this is a continuation of the use of the “multiple sketch images per page on my board” method. I hashed out the basic images as separate small sketches on my board, looking for a Charles Schulz like idea of simplicity in setting. Honestly, I feel like I solved the contrast rate problems of the image earlier in the week, but have other things that I’m not super happy with. That’s what happens when you try new things…you aren’t instantly good at them.

I also was looking for a different angle, quite literally, with Cap. We rarely see her back, and instead of having her 3/4 turned towards us, I went with 3/4 turn away from us. I also was trying to put a seam or crease in the sleeve of her jacket….but I don’t really like the way that it looks in the final digital image. It seems to interfere with the eye’s tracking of the whole arm, and become confusing….making the arm seem thinner at some angles than it should. Something to work on…because really, there’s still a whole lot that I can work on artistically.

What I haven’t really talked about is that my friend may be ditching me. That also happens a whole lot in education, and my feelings about it are pretty complex.

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