We’ve Got Tonight…?

This was a decent sized project to draw.

A complex piece to draw piecemeal, between classes. Especially since it was drawn in response to rapidly unfolding events related to Prom, which is tonight. Cap, although having to deal with tedious obligations there, is not misleading us at all. No way.

Also…there’s a table behind Cap, with all the dishes on it. Given the angles, it kind of looks like those Edu-Riche have stacked up some of the dishes ON Cap, in an odd kind of sorority hazing ritual. That wasn’t the intent, but it serves the image kind of well, regardless.

At first, the school day (today) was an ordinary day on the schedule. Then…on Tuesday, it was announced that we would be having a “Minimum Day,” which means that for us, school gets out at about twelve thirty. That’s very early, and accommodates the students’ needs for Prom Preparation pretty well. The staff presumed that we would be having a day that was pretty curtailed as well…having just closed up a grading period, delivered a report card, and many of us expected to go to Prom to assist in supervision.

Note that I said, “many.” I was being generous…out of the close to seventy teachers, maybe a dozen are going to show up at Prom. Really, that’s the way things always go. A few teachers are “involved,” and as a result, the students perceive those teachers as “caring” to some greater degree. It’s a central part of classroom management, really, simply going to events.

Anyway…it was then revealed that NO, we would not be having time to deal with things in our classrooms, or plan lessons, or collaborate. Instead, we would be getting together as a group, again, to collaborate on “The Work.” “The Work” is the new buzzword, related to a hard to explain and tedious bureaucratic chore that we have to do, and no one really understands. The Work is both paradoxical and near infinite, and I’m pretty sure that if you got all of it together in one place, physics itself would rebel in some catastrophic fashion. Right now, for the English Department, The Work involves taking the pre-existing standards, putting them onto a graphic organizer, and dividing them into “skills” that will be needed at a level of “mastery” for the next grade level.

That actually seems smart…until you consider that we were each issued a whole book, to do The Work, that actually does that exact thing.

Also…the teachers like to bicker about how to present The Work, or what the nature of the graphic organizer that holds The Work should be. Sometimes, they eliminate entire sections of The Work, and if I ever comment at all on The Work, the High Evolutionary comes from around a corner and lectures me on The Work. You can see the Evolutionary waiting for that in the picture.

So…yes…this is what we will be doing until three o’clock in the afternoon. Then I have to book it across town, change clothes and make myself generally pretty, only to be picked up by another teacher to race to the Prom Venue, which is the Autry Museum, to get there by Six thirty, for festivities to start at seven and end at midnight. That’s a busy, busy post school schedule, with a ton of driving in it. Prom Time Pony only has to be brought into it in the After School Special Segment.

I’m not going to lie…a whole lot of us are pretty peeved about The Work. In general, actually, but especially on this particular day, where after school, unpaid hours are kind of expected. In fact, to be very fair about it, there’s a pretty demanding tone toward teachers that ARE going to Prom, and volunteering their time to help, because they realize that if no one does, there are no activities for students at all. That doesn’t sit well, let me tell you.

This year, I still won’t have that many students attending the Prom. I teach Tenth Grade, so it is next year where the event will have legions of students from my classes. This year, I’ll once again be able to be proud of a handful, the Seniors who for one reason or another, needed to make up my class.

One of those students will be the young lady I’ve mentioned before…who is ranked super high in the class, and has only been in the country for two years. Oh…and she is battling lymphoma, a form of blood cancer…but still comes to school, and kicks @#$ academically, after teaching herself English, more or less. She is adamant about attending Prom, and I for one look forward to standing around with Prom Time Pony and generally being proud of her.

That’s worth all the trouble.


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