Lady In Red.

For the first time in a long time…color!

“The Lady in Red” is a song by British-Irish singer-songwriter Chris de Burgh. It was released in June 1986 as the second single from the album Into the Light. It’s relevant enough to the post today about Prom, because A) it was a popular song at my Prom in the late eighties, and B) the teacher I attended this Prom with wore red.

Just in case anyone out there is keeping track of the titles to the posts here at Adequacy.

So the Prom, as an event, was a whole lot of fun. I still don’t know that many seniors…the first class that I taught at the Edu-Mountain will be seniors next year. I still have a fair number of students making up credits so that they can graduate in about a month, and also a fair number of underclassmen (usually girls) that attend as the guests of seniors.

Among them was the young lady who has been battling cancer over the course of the semester. Not only does she come to class while enduring the trials of chemotherapy, she even came to Prom. She doesn’t want to miss out on anything, and really just knowing a young person like that is inspirational. Also there was another young lady, who had to take a few weeks off and travel to Mexico to visit sick family. She is painfully worried about attending a four year university, despite being a dedicated and hardworking student. I’m beyond proud of both of them…students who immigrated to the United States after they should have taken my course, learned English, and performed four years of academic work in roughly two years (with summer classes).

I’ve never seen either of them so happy.

A couple that I’ve known for the past two years attended together, which was charming. The entire senior class voted nearly unanimously for the King and Queen, who were a pair of students that pretty much everybody thought should be together. It was interestingly NOT a popularity contest, but more of a massive action of community, by the group of students. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

Of course, the same teachers that usually turn out for such things were in attendance. I was actually kind of amazed at how few of them I really know at all. I went with a teacher that I’ve known and worked with for a very long time, which was good, because I would have become painfully lost if I had tried to drive to the venue myself.

The black and white “death tango” page as originally intended.

High School Proms are very different than they were when I attended school This event had a photo booth, a caricature artist, and a professional photographer. There was a DJ indoors, and a live band outdoors, as well as catering services. It was a very, very Big Deal, with many different things going on. When I was in High School, in addition to being much later in the school year (a week before the end), it was also pretty much just a dance with a DJ at a fancy venue. Not nearly as many extras.

We had as much fun with the photo booth as the students did. We did silly poses (the Death Tango) for one, and brought in Prom Time Pony, and made faces. That was a good time, as well as just sort of enjoying the company of the young people as they attempted to navigate an almost adult social gathering.

Everyone asks me if there were any “incidents.” Honestly…the kids know that the whole Prom is a Big Deal. They get dressed up, and drive a huge distance to get to it…as well as having to pass by a security check on the way in. The kinds of “incidents” that one would expect….they just don’t do. It’s too much hassle, and too much potential risk. The only incident that we had was an unexpected catering fire, which me, and old friend in teaching, and a third teacher contained and put out.

Not quite the story anyone expects.

The black and white marker treatment, before color.

This marks the “five week” point. There are just five weeks remaining to the school year…that’s next to nothing. Everything is winding down, and in the end game. I find the earlier Prom schedule confusing, because it seems, well, too early. I remember Prom as the Big Goodbye, the last time I would ever really be together with those people. I remember planning one last weekend trip for after the event, because almost right after that, we would all be going our separate ways, most probably never to return.

These students…they have five more weeks. The closure that I expect from Prom, they don’t have, as such. It’s odd to me. It’s a marker of completion that has come a bit too early.

All that said…it was a beautifully done, and well attended affair. Even the High Evolutionary made it, attended by all of the Edu-Lords, despite not being at school that day, for a diversity of reasons.

Even the Edu-Lords won’t miss a good party.



2 thoughts on “Lady In Red.

  1. Ooooh! Oooooh! Color! Yey! I still think Cap needs a more human skin tone (despite being an alien American). She looks a bit like she has jaundice. Cool art too! Although just looking at the Death Tango makes my knees and back ache.

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