Diabolic Tutoring.

You KNOW that she is whispering something inappropriate…!

Today, in class, most of my classes will be finishing up at reading “Catcher In The Rye.” Two of my classes finished up late last week, and the remainder will be making a hard push to finish up as early as possible this week. That will lead to writing an expository analytic essay, which will take the week in class, and because I have forty computers, will have a typed, digitally submitted final draft.

What I’m MOST interested in today is lunchtime, with the Magic: The Gathering club.

The Amonkhet cards have been officially released, and I went and got a bunch. I got the Liliana Vess planeswalker deck, thus getting one of the planeswalker cards for the set, and a whole mess of cards. I got one of the pre-release packs, and three boosters, so we are talking about three hundred or so cards, from which I put together a new “All Amonkhet” Standard format legal 60 card deck. I’m pretty excited to play that deck, as well as begin playtesting on a different deck (Modern format) that I’ve been building for a couple of weeks.

So yes….today’s art is entirely about being excited for the lunchtime club meeting today. In fact, it is based on the Kaladesh set reprint of the card called “Diabolic Tutor.” Diabolic Tutor is a fantastic card…you pay four mana (two black, two colorless) and you can search your deck for a card, then shuffle. It literally lets you go get the card that you need.

Ironically, I don’t have a copy of the card, although I have a ton of cards that depict Liliana, the planeswalker. In fact, this version of Liliana (Liliana, Death Wielder) is the first version of the popular character’s planeswalker card that I’ve gotten…so that new Amonkhet deck is a pretty big deal. To me at least.

I’m pretty sure she’s whispering advice of some kind into Cap’s ear…most probably suggesting that they have some kind of team up. Which in reality, means I’ll probably be playing HER deck today, instead of the one that I’ve been working on the math for over the past two weeks.

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