The Sun Gets In Your Eyes…

Hello, cosmic! (And…goodbye, Dracula Guy).

I asked a friend yesterday whether it is politically incorrect to call all Vampiric Americans “Draculas.” He didn’t have a definitive answer, but felt that it was “possibly” not the most PC way to refer to one’s blood drinking community members. The jury is still out.

Initially, I was going to draw Cap suiting up in her janky old War Machine Suit, because tomorrow is the giant “dog and pony show” for Public School Choice. I’m not really all that sure how I want to proceed on that, to be honest. The school is run pretty well, and is quite possibly the best environment that I have ever taught in. There are some problems though, not the least of which are policies that drive good teachers to other venues, and could easily be avoided.

As the day went on, though, I kept getting frustrated by small “adult dramas”, that were draining to my energy and my emotional state. Since the art wasn’t done yet for the day, I decided to draw Cap dealing with another vampire. Last time, she just wasn’t serious enough, I think, with the wooden stake and the Super Strength. That’s why here, she is straight up taking that vampire guy, and throwing him into deep space at least, if not directly into the sun.

Over the past day, adult issues have been insane. My own family is…well, at a crisis pitch, even by their own standards. The Edu-Lords here are stressed about the most minute items, and making fairly irrational visits and requests as a result. Teachers are pretty much lining up to leave next year, a few of which are friends of mine, which I find mentally frustrating. Finally, a “guest” in my class today pretty much told me how to teach my class, and then lied directly to my face…afterward leaving in a @#$% huff. That thing…that’s the one that crosses me most.

I’m proud of myself for handling it politely, and with a fair amount of dignity, actually.

I pretty much took to my drawing board, and started drawing that Dracula being lifted at great speed, into the great beyond, for some kind of stellar impact. After working for a while, it was my Conference Period…where a parade of things came forth that I found alternately upsetting and frustrating. At that point, I started working on the background. At first, she was just going to be launching off from a building or somesuch…but the need to have a cosmic smackdown took hold of my consciousness. That is indicative of serious angst.

All told…I was pretty much thinking of my resolution a few weeks past to simply NOT engage in dealing with mentally draining, vampiric events and/or people. As a result, I felt that Cap was going to take more drastic, more cosmic measures toward the vampiric jerks around her. That created the cosmic setting, and her sort of “off center composition from it. I myself, fell a bit off center.

You’ll note that her helmet is off…long time readers will remember that the helmet was lost during the now lengendary “Rascals” plotline (feel free to use the “search” box, True Believers)! However…she gets lost all the time flying, so she has that headset on…presumably to get directions from Horsey, or Zero Dark Pony.


2 thoughts on “The Sun Gets In Your Eyes…

  1. The politically correct term for a genero-vampire is probably “photo-sensitive, nutritionally challenged, cross-abhorrent sanguinarian.”

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