Patterns of Force.

Wow. They look pretty cheesed off…

Today was the Public School Choice Review and Evaluation at the Edu-Mountain. As much as I felt that I might need to repel generic boarders (like Cap and her commandos above), the parade of Suits from Central never made it down to my Edu-Dungeon.

The Edu-Lords were pretty agitated about the whole thing. There was a substantial effort toward making some sort of Powerpoint presentation for the visiting delegation, as well as a real effort to tidy up the campus. When I came into my dungeon this morning, the floors were immaculate. Like the day the tiles were put down.

Honestly…the quality of a classroom floor has little to nothing to do with the educational process. However, this was seen as at least as important as making a Powerpoint presentation that would outline the school’s successes. A true “Dog and Pony” show.

I was depressed that they didn’t come by my classroom, because they would have seen Real and Serious Teaching happening. We are now deep into the expository writing process, and after a brief presentation, the class is an effective Writing Workshop for MLA format essays, with a relentless attention to one on one teaching with individual students. You know…the kind of thing that really teaches kids, and more than that…would seriously impress anyone that really knows something about education.

Still…today’s art is very much on point, despite not having to repel boarders.

You see, one of the students in the Leadership class set up an event for today, that I need to supervise. That’s the May the Fourth Movie Night, where we will be screening “Star Wars,” for a mere dollar. It’s a very fun idea, and a small contingent of students are really into it. One of my most excellent students came dressed in full Stormtrooper armor for the event, and various students are wearing T-shirts and other paraphernalia. All of the proceeds will go directly into the Student Body funds for future activities.

It will be a long day, but a good one, ultimately.

The art is based on Howard Chaykin’s early Star Wars comic art for Marvel, where Chewbacca was far more huge, ripped, and Gorilla like. In fact, Chewie looks really, really @#$%ed off. Skrull Space Princess and Zero Dark Pony are helping, with lasers. Because laser beams help against boarders and space facists.

Since there were some requests for the art from yesterday’s post, sans background, I’m putting that up today. Here it is:

Yesterday’s art, without the background. That Dracula looks really terrified.

Right now, Zero Dark Pony, BB-8, and I need to go get to the auditorium, for ticket sales!



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