A Fork In The Road.

Damn clowns.

So, yes…Cap has a huge @#$%ing tuning fork right there for Epic Clown Smacking. That’s really heavy handed with her cultural heritage…especially considering the last interaction with her Mom in the strip. Cap isn’t speaking, but she is carrying a big ol’ tuning fork…which theoretically is made out of some rare, insanely tough metal alloy. You wouldn’t make it out of tin, especially if you tend to hang around with Black Bolt.

That is also clearly not Therapy Clown. Nope…that’s a No Talent @$& Clown, the kind that we haven’t seen in some time. You’ll notice that she’s looking pretty trampy, and on top of that, has some kind of cane contraption. You might be asking, “Hey…can’t Cap just completely smash her with that huge tuning fork and her Alien Mega Strength?” You would seem to be right, but even Superman has a bit of a chore dealing with the Joker, so things might not be all that simple.

Why is that? Why do A-List, Silver Age Alien American superheroes have so much trouble with clowns? Or even No Talent @$& Clowns? The question deserves exploration.

It’s deeply rooted in basic Physics, True Believers. In college, a Physics professor once admonished me that Hydrogen was not, in fact, the most common element in the universe, but instead that Stupidity was. If that were true, than clowns of that sort would have a nearly limitless power source for their Epic Level Buffoonery, and be able to compete through sheer idiocy with superheroes and reasonable people way out of their theoretical league.

Plus, clowns are creepy as all hell. Heck, the clown in today’s art is creepy. That’s why Cap is so agitated.

So…what’s this all about, you ask? Well…I drew this as the day went on, having no real plan for the art before the day started to materialize. As that day went on, what was a good lesson plan, and generally solid academics were regularly thwarted by the kind of organized chaos that only @$& Clown style shenanigans could produce. Let us be clear…those shenanigans were ENTIRELY STAFF DRIVEN. The students were focused, responsible, and really quite excellent.

I don’t really want to get into serious detail on those small points of stupidity…it wouldn’t be worth it. Suffice it to say that it was simply small, uninteresting interruptions, often dealing with standardized testing, which at this point has no real meaning for the students. Those obstacles are universally to fuel certain statistics, while other statistics are being served elsewhere…so that the school can “look good” on paper.

All I wanted to do was to complete the drafts on our expository MLA style papers, and edit them. Silly me.

I should have brought a big tuning fork today…maybe that would have helped.


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