Keep On Truckin’…?

This is pretty much what my morning commute has been all week long.

Honestly, since Monday morning I have wanted to do this two panel story. The commute has been insane.

Firstly, you need to have an idea of the setting of the Edu-Mountain. It is in East Los Angeles, in a very industrial area of the city. There are warehouses everywhere, and many, many shipping facilities that are frequented by fleets of 18-wheel trucks. In fact, there is a cement distribution facility, which has legions of matching cement mixers parked around it, and coming back from missions. There is the Farmer John’s meatpacking plant, which has semi trucks filled with pigs arriving, which is modestly disturbing. This industrial, huge truck based transit is CONSTANT.

Starting Monday morning, all of the drivers of these insanely large vehicles forgot how to drive them simultaneously.

This has rendered the “post freeway” portion of my drive (a mere three miles) a journey of white knuckled terror. This week I have seen semis collide, I have had to dodge trucks making turns that can only be continued in the lane of opposing traffic, and I have even put the car into reverse, fairly suddenly, to avoid an oncoming semi while I was AT A STOP LIGHT, Those are just a few of the daring defensive driving antics of the week.

Obviously, I’ve been getting to school a bit frazzled.

Thankfully, things have been so far without mishap. However, it is putting me in the mindset that yes, it is probably a Good Thing that the school year is coming to an end, and pretty soon. Normally, I’m a bit stressed about the end of the school year, or for that matter, kind of depressed because I am honestly very fond of the students. In this case, yes…those things are true, but I will not miss nimbly avoiding oncoming trucks, like the Millennium Falcon evades asteroids. I can do without that.

A subtle variation with the Kandinsky effect, to get a more Bill Sienkiewicz feel.

Also, it gives a dash of color. Subtly so.

As it is, today was a quiet day, once I got into the Edu-Mountain. One can only hope that the ride back is similarly uneventful. The commute is very different in each direction. The morning is quick, since short of huge trucks, I’m on the road well before the rush, and before most people are awake. In the afternoon though…the streets and freeways are clogged with the maximum number of cars. In fact, at about four in the afternoon, when I’m usually leaving, I tend to hit the beginnings of rush hour, and the commute time doubles, from twenty five minutes or half an hour to about an hour.

Everyone in Los Angeles has commuting issues…there are simply too many cars in the city, and too much dependence on the freeway system. That said, I hope that tomorrow there are just FEWER giant trucks in the area.


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