Friday Night Magic: Amonkhet Smackdown.

Friday Night.

I went to Friday Night Magic Booster Draft with a couple of friends. The new Amonkhet set is in play, and there was a very large turnout…three tables of eight players. I did very well, coming in third place and walking away with even more bonus cards in hand, which was nice. I can’t really claim that the wins were all about skill in play, however.

I’ve explained the idea of “Booster Draft” before. This is my first draft since the beginning of the Kaladesh block, which kind of soured me on things. This crowd was much nicer, although there were still a few serious “pro” players who were jerks. To that, I say this: “If you are really all that great, maybe I shouldn’t have beat you.”

Still…I DID mention I can’t claim it as skill, really. Why? Because in the first pack that I opened, my FIRST drafted card was this:

I’ll tell you why this is great.

It might be hard to read the micro print. Gideon costs a mere three mana to bring out. That’s already great for a planeswalker. Yeah, yeah. It’s the micro print on his final, ZERO cost ability that is key. Let me give it to you right here:

You get an emblem with “As long as you control a Gideon planeswalker, you can’t lose the game and your opponents can’t win the game.”

It is literally a “win game card.” First card that I drafted. Obviously, I built around it. In a forty card deck, you draw almost a quarter of the deck to start…so engineering a deck to draw him, and then put him into play, isn’t that hard. It helped that I had good drafting beside that, and a smooth mana curve, since I drafted to a mana histogram.

Drafting a “god card” might have helped too. That’s not an exaggeration or hyperbole…this set has five “god cards.” Drafted one of those, too. So the forty card deck was pretty @#$%ing rough.

Artistically, I considered drawing some sort of Gideon Team Up, since that card and the “god card” did all of the Heavy Lifting on Friday night. I just…don’t like Gideon all that much. Instead, given the set’s Ancient Egyptian theme in art design, I decided to go with that….since I certainly did spend the night smacking around legions of generic, ancient Egypt themed mojeshtams and henchmen. Initially, I was thinking of having that guy being smacked clear out of the art frame on a Magic Card, but decided that was going to be a bit too much of an undertaking…I would rather hand letter the smacking noise.


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