I Rann (So Far Away)…

Drawn thinking of someone who will never see this.

The title is on point, if you are a fan of Adam Strange, and Flock of Seagulls. If not, it looks a lot like I spelled “ran” poorly.

Today is the day where after school, the Scheduling Matrix Selections are made. I thought of drawing something related to that, but ultimately… could not find that in myself. With bad Matrix Deals abounding, and the few teachers I consider friends leaving, I found myself in a maudlin mood, and getting sort of “back to basics.”

I was thinking of someone I was involved with about a decade ago, who wasn’t a teacher…just the friend of a bunch of teachers. We started a relationship, and it was…special. Probably unhealthy, to be honest, but special in its own way. We were from different worlds though, and in less than a year, we parted ways, never to see each other again.

I’m sure I’m thinking about that because I’m once again in a cycle of my life where people are leaving, and quite suddenly, without much preamble or lead in. I’m really very happy with the art above…with Alanna’s portrait in the cosmic starscape, and Cap flying…a little awkwardly, but not terribly. The two worlds make for some pretty excellent heavy handed metaphor, what with Alanna herself being the sky and starscape.

I’ve intentionally lost track of that person over the years. When a person leaves…they have moved on. I think I’m supposed to as well, but it doesn’t always work out quite that elegantly. A quiet day, and the right song on the radio, and suddenly, a wave of nostalgia takes one back, much like the time machines that Cap and Horsey frequently steal.

With that said, I’m really find of today’s art. The use of negative space as a defining characteristic (which I’m not good at), Cap’s posture in flight, and her somewhat somber tone. It’s really rather pretty, at least to me.

This is my emotional state going into Matrix Selection. Not necessarily the best.


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