Renewed Alliances…

The meeting to determine my schedule next year was almost this fast.

The Scheduling Matrix Ritual was done on Wednesday, and it was pretty painless. I rank pretty high on the seniority pecking order in the district, so the rules let me go first. The Edu-Lords and the High Evolutionary make their offer of a line of classes, and I can either take it, not take it, or try and hash out an equitable deal.

Last year, they tried to be kind of fancy, and said one thing about the line of classes they would offer before the meeting, only to make a very different offer IN the meeting. We all remembered that, and how poorly it went last year…most notably playing a sort of game of “chicken” with me on what I would or would not deal with. I’m a pretty solid team player…really willing to do what it takes to make things work. Where I draw the line is taking classes that I don’t want, and would have to teach for 180 days. Not going to happen.

I prevailed in that game of chicken, getting the schedule I wanted, and had this year. Interestingly enough, it was IDENTICAL to the schedule I had before that, and was pretty much what I was hired to do at the Edu-Mountain in the first place. Go figure.

This year, there was no “chicken,” no “bait and switch.” I walked into the office, and very formally in a single sentence, they offered me the same schedule that I had this year. It makes it very simple when the offer is exactly what you want, and made a clever remark about that. Signature, fake smiles, handshakes, and we were done.

Did anyone offer me a Soul Gem or an Infinity Stone? Not quite…but there was an offer of additional money for tutoring as an intervention, for the next two weeks. I’ve been doing after school tutoring without being paid for it all semester, and inquired if there would be retroactive hours applied if I took THAT deal…since that would be a @#$% ton of money. When that didn’t seem like it was going to happen, I declined to take on any structured, official tutoring hours, and the whole thing was over.

It took a handful of minutes.

I wish that I could say that it was as drama free for everyone, but the next day, there was some serious unrest regarding the Schedule of Classes for next year. A few teachers that I rarely, if every speak to, sought me out for counsel on what they “should do.” I wasn’t sure how I had been outed as someone who might know about these things…I’ve been staying very, very quiet, focusing on the business of teaching, and bigger educational politics than school site management. I pretty much told everyone that I “didn’t re3ally know what they could do,” since arguably that’s a labor issue, and they already pay a Union to advise them on that.

I’m pretty glad it’s done…but that’s very much a signal that the end of the school year is upon us.

As for the art…obviously, the High Evolutionary in panel one is master of the Edu-Mountain, making the deal. Kind of long winded, which is very much in character for our fearless well as slightly off topic. Our principal can tend to meander a bit, through buzzwords and policy points. Panel two…I found myself looking for a very early seventies kind of pencil crosshatch shading, as well as the light effect for the lopsided gem. The gem is intentionally rough and asymmetrical, as if it was just cut in some way. Very pre-Starlin Adam Warlock…that character has been on my mind rather a bit lately.

I don’t think that we should take that gem as an Infinity Stone, by the way. Maybe some kind of Finite Stone, or Sort of Glowing Head Jewel. Perhaps an Annual Stone, since it has to do with her assignment for next year? It DOES make me want to have a shiny jewel to somehow wear on my head, though. I don’t think Cap is all about that sort of thing, though, I’ve been trying to decide. She rarely wears headgear of any kind, despite her “Alien American Pride” perspective on things.

Still…a head gem like Adam Warlock’s is undeniably cool.


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