Marvel Sketch Cover Madness: Gwenpool!

I just made Gwenpool really useful in Marvel Puzzle Quest, so…

There’s not a whole lot to this post besides that point. “Unbelievable Gwenpool”, written by Chris Hastings is a fantastic book, very clever…so if you aren’t reading that, I highly recommend it. It lacks the angsty depression of “Secret Empire”, and half of the internet isn’t mad at it, so it has a whole lot going for it with just that. Add in clever writing, and really, it’s pretty refreshing.

This is pretty much an “art driven” post. The cover, although deceptively simple, was actually pretty hard to draw. The postures of the characters were the hard part, and expressiveness of face and posture. I have serious respect for professional artists who have that as a skill…I’m still working hard at it.

Hey…let’s look at the art cropped from the cover. That’s always fun.

Scanned as a “work in progress”…for those of you that like the process.



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