The Final Deadlines…!

Who knew that Kryptonian Dwalu Warriors were so needy?

Neediness is the basic theme of my days, right now.

It is the end of the semester, and the end of the school year. Suddenly, every single person in my life, at school, has their own deadline that I seem to bear some kind of personal responsibility for, at least in THEIR eyes. I have gotten literally hundreds of late assignments, as a last ditch effort is made by a significant number of people to redeem their grades. I have gotten over a dozen last minute requests for letters of recommendation—half of those requests from students, the other half from adults, who should know better. Administration has a last minute request for us to give a standardized test, which is in fact actually meaningless. Every single one of these things demands attention, with insistence, all at the same time.

It’s pretty hectic. However, it can only stay that way for a week, and then…grades are in. In fact, my last day for late work is tomorrow…so the flow of those items will slow dramatically.

Without the text.

I drew the huge Kryptonian Dwalu Warrior for a number of reasons. For one, he’s @#$%ing cool looking. For another reason, he’s super tough. Tough enough so that Superman feels way outclassed by him…in fact, by the general category of Kryptonian warrior that he is. It both highlights the significance of those demands on my time, while at the same time putting Cap in direct conflict with a similarly powerful Silver Age Alien. She rarely throws down with anyone in her category of Super Powers. In this case, she would definitely have to be clever…because that guy is a total bad @#$.

The Dwalu Warrior also has a key point of plot, that is metaphorically relevant here. In order to move on to the next stage of his (or her, I guess…we only see one) personal evolution, a Dwalu Warrior must be defeated. The easiest way to go about that is to somehow get that Xaka Sword away from them, and then subject them to its cosmic energies, hopefully disintegrating them. That liberates the Dwalu Warrior to move on to their next stage of life.

The same is true with the late work, and requests for recommendation letters. These are young people, even teachers, making a last minute move, to attempt to enter their next stage of life. Much like dealing with Cap in the art, they have to momentarily engage, or perhaps even be in conflict with me, to get what then need to move onward. It’s a lot like many of the Edu-Mountain’s “hyper evolution” metaphors, but more demanding and adversarial.

Sort of like my Monday was.

I always liked Gnmod, the Dwalu Warrior, who appeared in Action Comics No.495, and never again. I would have been okay of going back to the concept of an ancient Kryptonian warrior group, if anyone ever did…but no one revisited the concept.

At least my students are revisiting overdue assignments.


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