Just In The Nick Of Time…!

Drawn between classes today, in the style of Golden Age art.

This was pretty straightforward in the metaphor. This week has seen a whole lot of late assignments, which were a last ditch attempt by my students to save their grades. I was trying to figure out how to illustrate a last minute save of that kind, when it dawned on me what my problem had been, in terms of concept.

You see…I had been trying to draw the image of someone saving themselves. That was incorrect….it needed to be Cap saving someone at the last minute, when all hope seemed lost. Why? Because…it doesn’t matter if students turn in an insane amount of late work (they did). I still have to GRADE it all for it to matter, and that was a massive last minute super task.

On the first day of this week’s announcements of the “Drop Dead” for late work (which was Wednesday) I received 471 late assignments digitally. Tuesday and Wednesday, even more work came in. It has been a Herculean effort to grade all of that material, but in a few cases, students produced a save as spectacular as Cap’s bullet catch above.

Now…everything is graded, and we are basically done. A long weekend, leading to a wrap up week…and then the final week of minimum days. It’s the last Nine days of class now, very much the End Game.

Once I realized that Cap had to help with the save, I drew the pencils above, in homage to “Flash Comics No. 1”, in the early 1940’s. That’s why she’s losing Jay Garrick’s metal hat…I always loved that metal hat. Older readers of this strip might remember that Cap has raced both the Flash (Barry Allen) and the General Lee at the SAME TIME, demonstrating that she clearly has Silver Age Alien Superspeed powers.

As for how she got the hat…I didn’t think too hard about it. She seems to like older guys, so maybe she has one from a pretty inappropriate relationship with Jay Garrick. He loses them all the time, so maybe she bought it on eBay. I checked, you totally can.

This was tough to draw, on my clipboard between classes and standardized tests today, so I hope you all like it.

And now…the weekend!


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