Galactic Goalkeepers.

I’ve been reading a ton of manga this week.

Manga is a very, very different undertaking than Western Comics. The sensibilities are very different, and the concepts in storytelling cover a wide range of possible topics that Marvel and DC Comics simply never will. Right now, Marvel and Dc are both doing story lines that I am pretty @#$%ing uninterested in, and as a result, I had a friend recommend some Manga to me from the deep selection at Pulp Fiction Comics (in Culver City)!

That stuff was all in the “win” category. I have swallowed another volume of “Naruto”…which I can see its appeal, but it was definitely the weaker selection of the week’s Manga for me. Go figure…it’s the volume that I picked out myself. The second volume, which was far weirder and more interesting, was “Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer.” Pretty much had me at the title, True Believers.

The Premise of “Biscuit Hammer” is pretty odd. It’s set in a reasonably modern world, except for the idea that an evil wizard has constructed a giant hammer in space, that is invisible to pretty much everyone. It’s a @#$%ing planet sized hammer, people. The ensemble cast of the story needs to solve the problem…which involves defeating the wizard, and preventing the hammer from hitting the Earth, destroying it totally. IT seems straight forward enough, except for the weird monsters that attack the cast all the time, and the idea that the Princess has near Kryptonian scale powers…and wants to save the Earth just so that she can wreck it herself. It’s an odd book, and a whole lot of fun.

The BEST selection of this week was “Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun.” Pure Genius. Oddly, it is a situation comedy about young people in high school who make their own Manga. Completely random, and well executed. BEST selection of the week. Very funny, very entertaining stuff. It is done entirely in a horizontal, four panels per page format not unlike today’s art layout. Each page is its own “joke” or “gag” usually about writing or drawing romance comics. It is amazingly novel, and reads almost like a collection of newspaper strips.

The LAST panel, however, is more anime and video game inspired.

I finished playing “Fables: The Wolf Among Us” on my tablet. As a result, I freed up a ton of space on the device, and decided it was time to download a new game to play. I went to the Google Play store, and it had several suggestions. As always a few of them seemed kind of random, such as the choice called “Soccer Spirits: The Seventh Star.” I like soccer, so I clicked on it, and saw the following video, if you click here.

Mind…blown. I downloaded it immediately. If you didn’t click the link, you really missed out on something.

The game is about playing Soccer against Magical Aliens for the fate of the Earth. You know…exactly what the last panel of today’s art was about. In fact, this week’s art had it all: adorable creatures, magical girls in space, battling samurai, and then the beginning of a Cosmic Soccer Tourney with Dire Consequences, but no FIFA.

How does one say “Excelsior” in Japanese?

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