Journey Into The Unknown…!

That’s a pretty remote section of the Edu-Mountain, for sure.

The art pretty much does all the work for me today, which is good…because it took a while to do. It’s a heavy handed metaphor for my most important task today…which is delivering the grades to admin for the few seniors in my class.

I teach Tenth Grade English. If you are in my class, and a senior, it is because you needed to credits for English class. In California, to graduate with your A-G requirements, you need to get a C or higher in four years of English, a total of Eight Semesters. If even one of those is screwed up, it can be a major obstacle to graduation or college. Or both.

If you are actually still in school (not having dropped out) as a senior, taking my class, you pretty much have decided that you WANT the credits. In many cases, the students are recent immigrants, who simply weren’t in the United States when they would have taken Tenth Grade English, and are getting the credits as soon as it is convenient. However…I can say with certainty that if you have made it to this point in my class, and are a senior…you CARED. Somewhere along the line, getting that piece of paper with your name on it really started to matter, and you took the whole thing seriously.

That said, it IS a short list. A few students have dropped out along the way, one was arrested. However, the short list includes three students in my Period One Class, one in Period Two, One in Period Four, and two in my last class of the day. I’m pretty proud of that group.

Obviously, that’s what the art was about today. Terrigenesis (in Marvel Comics) is the whole ritual where the Inhumans expose you to a mutagenic mist which unlocks your potential, and sends you into the adult stage of your life. If that’s not a metaphor for graduation ( DID use it last year), I don’t know what is.

I felt like Cap needed a hooded cloak for this sort of think…since bringing important messages in Science Fiction and Fantasy almost always involved the “reveal” where the hood is pulled back, and the message delivered. Alien Americans seem to LOVE that kind of thing…it’s a tradition of some kind.

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