Where The Buck Stops.

This pony looks very serious. It seems like there will be no deals at that desk.

I drew this sketch at the end of Wednesday, just before leaving the office. I had just finished the last of the data entry necessary to generate a report card, the last one of the year. As I did that, I actually took time to go over the grades of the Failing and D grade students, in order to attempt to find some way to make them pass, with the assignments that I had.

That involved manipulating my “drop the lowest grade” option for each grading period, or double checking to see if the program was not counting a late assignment. Occasionally, there actually WAS an assignment that hadn’t been cleared, or a few percentage points could be gained by dumping low grades, but pretty much…we were past the “Time of Miracles.”

There is one day left until I need to turn in Final Grades to the Main Office. I’ll be doing some error checking on grades during that day (which is TODAY), because the final grade is a Big Deal. However, the time for grade negotiations…that’s in the past. That pony’s demeanor is positively inviting as compared to me at this point, when a student asks me “Can I still turn in work?”

When that happens I point to the sign in class, with letters on it that are about eight inches high. That sign clearly explains the “Drop Dead” date for late Work as May 24th, or as I like to call it, last Wednesday. That pointing at the sign always gets the same response:

“Huh? So, can I?”

That is depressing in itself, however, the inner Suit Wearing Pony is what says the words “No, you cannot,” on my behalf. I actually thought of that stern, “No Deals Pony” while saying that for the umpteenth time today, and felt that a quick sketch was in order. One of the little doodads behind the paperweight on No Deals Pony’s desk is almost certainly a stamp that says, “NO.”


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