Spirits of Vengeance!

I WISH anything this cool were happening. Really, I just went to pick up some documents.

Those documents are related to some shoddy work done on my car around this time last year. Ultimately, that work needed to be completely redone, and the owner of the shop didn’t stand by his warranty…he stopped returning my calls. I’ve been more concerned with restoring the car (which was completed a few months ago, even looks brand new) than pursuing the warranty issues. The past few weeks, though, the project of maybe recouping some of the money that I had lost from the first shop is gaining foreground momentum.

The fact is, I feel bad about the whole thing. I’ve not done any mean Yelp! reviews, nor have I really lambasted anyone here on my own web site. I haven’t named names at all, because that isn’t what I do, unless I have something nice to say. I’m going to continue those policies, by the way.

Still…the paperwork retrieval trip was kind of incredible. It describes an ordinary, “master rebuild kit” transmission job. One of those jobs. Not doing the job three times, no problem with, or documentation of the distributor that was replaced, no documentation of the engine replacement, that in turn needed to be repaired. Both of those last things were probably not necessary in fact, due to a misdiagnosis.

Instead, the documents describe a pretty standard transmission job, done by one guy with no outsourcing, once. A job that should have taken ten days, but according to the paperwork, took two months. When I went by to get the documents, there was a man I had never met before there. He didn’t say much, barely looked at me even. He eventually asked me, “What’d you wind up doing with this car?”

I was baffled. The point of going to the mechanic to do a transmission job was to, you know…FIX the car. I responded along those lines. “Well, I’ve been driving it for over thirty years. I pretty much fully restored it. Even the pain. I…umm…I drive it. That’s what I did with it.”

He seemed mildly confused by that answer. I don’t know if it was some thought about…”Oh wow…If we had dealt differently with this person, we could have made that profit,” or some kind of confusion about actually fixing cars that are malfunctioning. Still, I thanked him for the documents, and went on my way.

I still have texts, on my old cell phone, documenting the other work, that isn’t in the official paperwork. A project for my first week off from school will be turning those texts into digital output files, for comparison. Sounds like fun, huh?

Artwise, getting paperwork from someplace in order to dispute a warranty didn’t seem all that exciting, so obviously, I punched it up a bit. That’s Cap’s most feminine outfit that she wears and we’ve only seen it a few times. The first time was in fact when the warranty was more or less left in the wind. She usually carries the Hebrew Hammer with it, but honestly, I’m not all that sure that there’s a whole lot to do legally, so no Hebrew Hammer. Maybe lawyers are charging it.

Also, we have the Ghost Rider, who as we know is all about Old Testament kinds of Justice. That’s where the title of the post came from as well, the title of a 90’s era comic. Spinning out of the events of “Rise of the Midnight Sons”, the new Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch) and the original guy (Johnny Blaze) team up in this series. The series ended with issue 23 but was continued in the “Blaze” solo-series. Obviously, the Ghost Rider would be chomping at the bit for some kind of scale balancing, hence his “Finally—!”, but I’m thinking that maybe he would go a different way than getting documents, and comparing them to other documents.

It was a fun piece to draw, and has been in the back of my mind for some time.


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