Bloodlines…? Really?

That looks like a bit of a problem, right? I call that Monday.

I have long sought to establish what is in fact the head and shoulders above the rest WORST of the summer crossover events that DC and marvel tend to do. The criteria for research on this is that it must be put back into print for review…in other words, the companies need to think that there is a market, and its worth printing it again. Despite that limiting factor, things like “Atlantis Attacks” and the “crossing” have made it to the review process.

For some time now, I’ve asserted that DC’s “Bloodlines” (1993) would be the clear victor in this tournament of losers. They have not reprinted it, so I have no direct way to know…it remains a theory.

For those that don’t know about it at all, here’s the shortest form possible, focusing more on publishing history. “Bloodlines” was an intracompany crossover that ran through DC’s 1993 annuals (bigger, extra books published once a year) and concluded with a two-issue “Bloodbath” miniseries. The antagonists were a race of monstrous xenomorph-like (think motion picture franchise) aliens who killed humans for their spinal fluid. A small fraction of the parasite’s victims survived and become super-heroes because of their ordeal. This plot device introduced a wave of “New Blood” super-heroes into the DC Universe. Seven DC Comics series were spun out of the event: Blood Pack, Razorsharp and the Psyba-Rats, Hitman, Anima, Loose Cannon, Argus and Gunfire. You remember almost none of them, save “Hitman.”

Everyone defends “Bloodlines” on that point. “But it gave us Hitman!” Yeah, yeah. World War II gave me Nuclear Energy, but it wasn’t a good thing. Thanks for the Bizarro Logic.

I have wanted to draw using the parasites that just showed up on Earth, with little preamble, for some time. Seriously, that IS the plot of Bloodlines. The thing is, I felt like I would have needed to go through and do some sort of Bloodlines story, and didn’t do it.

Honestly…I think that isn’t going to happen. Drawing those alien parasites was a pain in the @#$. Took me forever.

As a point of legit criticism, in 2016, DC’s New 52 revamped the “Bloodlines” concept and reused the title. Even THAT hasn’t been reprinted, and almost everything from New 52 has been put out in trade paperback. I feel that this makes my point.

Why draw it? Great question. As suggested before, this is a pretty on point metaphor for Monday. Out of nowhere, random, big problems at school suddenly appeared, and suddenly needed a whole lot of attention. The college counselor wanted one thing done (immediately), and my co-teacher needed me to suddenly grade a bunch of incomplete work (again, immediately). Must like in the art, there wasn’t a whole lot of help dealing with these random, unexpected monstrosities, just the “get it done mentality.


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