Only One Championship Ring For Cap…!

Given the status of the Teachers vs. Seniors game, the art is rather odd.

Initially, there was going to be a speech balloon or on panel caption for Cap, saying something like, “Can I play too?” That was of course with respect to playing in the Teachers vs. Seniors Basketball Game, which was supposed to be this week. You will note that I forewent any dialogue.

Last year, the game happened, and the other teachers didn’t play me very much. It was kind of cliquish and unkind, despite me getting a great deal of “crowd love” from the students during my insanely brief time on the court. To be very clear…I’m judging the teachers here as cliquish and unkind, the students were pretty @#$%ing excellent.

I made my views on that pretty clear at the end of the game, as one might expect. It was a pretty direct criticism of the sort of “insider clique” of adults that still remains pretty impenetrable to this day. I’ll note that I don’t do a whole lot to break into it either…there’s sort of an uneasy detente between myself and the other Edu-Knights.

The date for “sign up” to play came, and I didn’t sign up this year. Mostly because I had said that I wouldn’t, and felt like I didn’t need to set myself up for some kind of stupidity that was just going to make me feel angry, and like I was still IN high school. Not too many teachers signed up, and I began to wonder if they would go back down the list of the players from last year to fill out the roster. This would be a legitimate strategy, since sign up was small, and of the teachers and admin that played in the game last year, a good number of them are no longer at the school. That’s attrition of both Motivation and Employment.

All told, they did not in fact come seeking other players. Instead, the game was cancelled.

would I like to suggest that the game was cancelled in part because I refused to play? Damn straight I would, but that’s just not true at all.

Instead, the game was cancelled for a much more direct, policy driven reason. It would have been played during the school day, or Instructional Time. A recent review of the school strongly suggested that we SHOULDN’T do that, as well as not using Minimum Day Professional Development time in that way either. That left the game with no actual play time possible this week, and led to its cancellation due to overbooking.

I had been working on the composition of the art, with obvious Manga driven inspirations, and just pushed forward with the composition as planned. Hence, today’s artwork. In case you are wondering, yes, the Girl’s Basketball Coach plays on the teacher side, and she is relatively slender and pretty. The Seniors are just generic players, although the one with a number is wearing Cap’s number from last year.


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