The Last Team-Up.

Graduation was yesterday.

Today is the last day with my current Co-Teacher, and the final day of school. The art became less about Graduation, and more about those things as I drew it.

I initially planned to have the other Edu-Knight saying something sarcastic to Cap, about not being in uniform or somesuch. It didn’t work out that well…I didn’t want speech balloons to obscure the art, and I also didn’t feel like the dialogue worked. As I went through drawing it, I even leaned more away from the initial idea, because I thought a “New Yorker” style dialogue caption only subtracted from the piece…didn’t add to it. The outgrowth from that was to have no true border for the panel, but instead just the sketch ending in a pretty defined border area.

Again…as I drew it, I realized that for the first time, I was pretty much depicting my co-teacher from this year, and our relationship. It’s why I moved away from dialogue…to be very honest, we don;t talk much, despite being around each other for most of the workday. As a Special Education Intervention Specialist, she provides in class support for my mainstreamed Special Education students, but she did NOT want to be in an English class. She prefers a Math assignment.

Over the course of the year, she spoke less and less, and enjoyed the placement less and less. I did my best to make her feel included, welcome, that her opinion was respected…but in the end, we wound up not having the best of professional relationships. There’s no enmity there, just…not really much that’s positive either.

I do actually like and respect her a whole lot. She goes to school activities, supports students in everything. She was at graduation, and she has “school spirit” in a way that I simply never will. As an educator, she brings a great deal that is positive to the table, and whichever professor inherits her next year as she “loops” with her students will certainly be getting an excellent contributor.

With that said…the art became less about the actual Graduation, and more about that departure today. I don’t imagine that we will say much to each other, just sort of part company, like the illustration. Cap is in some pretty formal “Inhuman American” clothing because this started as a Graduation post, and I didn’t want to change the costuming. Obviously, her partner is in the traditional Edu-Knight uniform of the Edu-Mountain…my co-teacher is always very proper.

Initially, the Quinjets were possibly going to be students leaving, but as the piece moved forward, it felt a whole lot more like staff departing, going their separate ways. The staff is pretty Cliquish, so really, the art wound up being very much about that sort of feeling, on the Last Day.

Today is the Last Day, at least with students. That’s odd to me, with Graduation having happened last night, but then, I don’t make the rules. My classroom is already mostly packed up, with pretty much my desk left to deal with. Tomorrow is Grad Night at Disney, followed by a “Pupil Free Day” on Monday to do the Administrator Sign Offs, which are the most boring Scavenger Hunt ever.

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