Holy @#$%, Batman!

It strikes me that Cap would be a really, really crummy sidekick.

As expected, I am still very much on a Silver Age/Batman ’66 kick this week…and since it is the first week of summer vacation, I can straight up draw whatever I want. That’s pretty liberating, to be honest…a whole lot of random things pass through my brain, but I always feel like I have to at least try to stay on “topic” for the strip.

  • Given current continuity of DC Comics, being Robin is two things:
    Pretty much a summer internship, because there have been so many of them, it cant actually take up any real time…
  • …and also pretty completely generic. You don’t even really have to fit the suit, because the old suits get put in weird glass cases in the cave. You’ll get a new, specifically tailored suit. Heck, DC recently did a book called “I am Robin,” where pretty much everybody could be Robin.

In light of that, it kind of makes sense that Cap could have been a Robin at one point. Everyone else has been. At first glance, it seems like she would bring a whole lot to the table in the role, with her Generic Silver Age Alien American Powers. At that time (when I was in high school), Batman was still rolling out with the Justice League, and teaming up with Green Lantern in books like “Brave and the Bold”…so having a sidekick with A-List powers seems like a dream. Heck…in ANY “Superfriends” episode, it would be KEY.

The thing is…Cap has a pretty @#$% attitude. I can only imagine that it was kind of worse when she was younger. When you’re Batman, and you have that weird as @#$% super owlbear thing, seething with energy, flying out of the @#$%ing sky to get you, you don’t want your Super Sidekick to have a lot of backtalk about it, you know? The thing is, I can see having some backtalk about it, especially at her age, and knowing a thing or two about the turnover in the sidekick position.

She’s not cursing though. Cap curses a whole lot. I think that’s because that Batman is a guy she would have looked up to a great deal, and you watch your mouth around those kinds of people. Sure, she’s not really sure about fighting that weird creature, but you have to figure that Cap was a C-lister at best when she was in high school, not even rating as high as the Wonder Twins with the Superfriends. At that point, she wouldn’t know that she could just throw the guy into the Sun, and be done with it.


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