After The Batusi…

She has a pretty solid point…

She really does.

Look at the original Teen Titans. You’ve got Aquaman…who is pathetic and sad, but very quickly got involved in a relationship with Mera (who has his basic Atlantean powers and Supreme Dominion over WATER), and then married her. The Flash, who dated and married Iris West. Wonder Woman, who always had dubious sexuality, but at the very least strung along Steve Trevor in a “monogamous relationship.” Those are the mentors for Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Wonder Girl.

If you have Batman (especially the Batman of 1966) as your mentor, the deal is completely different. Bruce Wayne went to parties as a “millionaire playboy”, and Batman would even participate in dance contests, surf battles, and other party style antics. Three different Catwomen aggressively flirted with him, as well as Joan Collins and a legion of henchwomen. Batman ’66 definitely had some serious game.

Obviously, that is what today’s post is about, in part.

Also, I’m going to a good friend’s graduation party. One of the cleverest people I know, he had the good sense to wait to go to a four year university until he felt that he was prepared for it, and would take it seriously. As a result, he has gotten more out of his degree than most people that I know, and almost everyone that I work with. I’m pretty sure it will be a good celebration…the event is certainly worthwhile.

Clearly, Batman ’66 is something of a father figure to Cap, and seeing him flirting with henchwomen from different Gotham Gangs would probably creep her out. What I love about the Gotham City of the sixties is that it makes perfect sense that Batman and his cronies could go to a party that was full of bad guys and henchmen…more than one Adam West pointed out that if they weren’t actually committing some kind of crimes, the psychos of Gotham City had rights. That’s a pretty far cry from modern Batman, who violates the civil rights of pretty much everyone…but once again, that’s kind of my beef with things.

Should they be coming in the front door of stately Wayne Manor? Of course not, but I hadn’t drawn it yet. I wanted a new venue, and the Batman ’66 Wayne Manor is great. in truth, I imagine that Cap would actually rarely be allowed upstairs, since she can’t pass for human at all, and Bruce (in the sixties) constantly had guests.

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