Sidekicks Need To Learn How To Knock…!

Once again, the sidekicks fail to understand adult situations, and ruin “date night.”

You have to figure that this kind of thing happened all the time, once Batman got involved with Talia al’Ghul. None of the sidekicks would understand it at all, even though the evidence was clearly there. I mean…Talia is a Bad Guy, so Batman couldn’t REALLY find her attractive, right? I’ve always contended that a big part of growing up was actually in understanding the subtext of every single episode, where more often then not, dialogue was a clever innuendo or double entendre.

Obviously, Batman said a resounding “NO!” to last issue’s Bird of Paradise uniform, and instead gave Cap one of Nightwing’s hand me downs. That’s pretty much Batman’s “go to” move…Jason Todd also got Dick Grayson’s hand me downs. At least with Jason, there was less tailoring involved to make the suit work as a hand me down.

This pretty much beings me to the end of my week long goodbye to the Caped Crusader. There have been Batmen since, of course, and I haven’t really liked too many of them. In fact, the evolution away from the ideas and concepts of the Silver Age Batman, of Batman ’66, have pretty much been the same pacing as my movement away from the book in any regular sense. I expect Batman to be certain things, and Adam West pretty much defined a large number of those things.

I guess this week was fun in that it covered a lot of “continuity,” in giving us an view of Cap’s internship as part of the Bat-Family. It strikes me as some sort of really odd, 1960’s and Andy Warhol inspired summer camp, where you earn merit badges by saving Gotham City and doing the Batusi. It was also fun to take the week to remember Adam West, and how much enjoyment that he actually brought to me, and many others.

I actually got to tell him that, and shake his hand, long before the Batman ’66 renaissance that we now have. That was cool, and so was he.

Of course he was cool…he was Batman.

Tomorrow…new content! Be there!


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