Someday Her Prince Will Come…

A second appearance for Kashima! And Screentones!

Since Grad Night happened on the same day as Adam West passing away, I never got around to discussing that at all. It was a pretty excellent day…and to be clear about it, Grad Night starts in the morning, and runs until 3 AM. I got to school at about 8 AM, and we had the buses loaded and rolling out by ten. The kids have to spend a bunch of money on the event, so what happens is that they get a park hopper pass, letting them go back and forth between Disney, and California Adventure. At ten o’clock at night, all of the Grad Night attendees need to get over to the California Adventure side, which then is completely High School Grads. Shorter lines, discos set up, and a special light show.

It’s a pretty exhausting day, even if your pace yourself.

Coming into the park, I saw Groot, who was making the rounds and looked @#$%ing awesome. The line for “Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout” was insane, so we put that on hold until Grad Night proper. The only princesses that I saw was Sofia the First, who I really wasn’t familiar with, but I took a photo with anyway, and Tiana…who didn’t stop for photos. We went around looking for my Cap’s mom, the Evil Queen, but she was nowhere to be found.

We did run into Gaston from “Beauty and the Beast”, but he didn’t stop for photo ops either. He was a bit stuck up, in fact…but I guess that’s in character. I had worn my “I’m Mary Poppins, Y’all!” t-shirt for the day, and that got me a huge amount of attention from Disney employees. Instant celebrity, anywhere I went.

Eventually, we did get on “Mission: Breakout.” The ride was quite literally INCREDIBLE. I say this after waiting an hour in line to get on, no Fast Pass…and being intensely claustrophobic. I didn’t see how ANY ride could possibly be good enough at that point, but…wow. I’d never been on Tower of Terror, but students who had been on both said that this was a vast improvement. I’ll trust them on that.

I actually went on a ton of rides, from the Teacups to the Murderhorn. We did our best to max out the number of rides, going on little known ones while waiting for Fast Passes to mature. At one point we connected with a student of ours, who wanted to go on rides with us, which was just completely charming. We also had dinner with that student, which turned out to be free because of some kind of massive fire alarm nearby in the park.

I wanted to do an illustration related to all of this…but decided that Disney Princess and Princesses were passe, I’ve given them enough play in the strip. As a result, I went with the “Prince of the School,” Kashima…from “Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun,” a manga that I’ve been reading, and find hilarious. Kashima is a tomboy that all the girls like, and is “Prince of the School,” often dressing like a Prince in Drama club. The manga is about the funny misunderstandings between the characters, as they are used as a reference for Nozaki’s romantic manga (which he draws).

Kashima, who is pretty clueless, if pretty much the funniest character in the book as far as I’m concerned. The book often gives real insight into how manga is made, and today’s art makes some use of that. For instance…I had no idea that the glittery backgrounds in manga are prefabricated screentones, that are bought, cut with a razor, and then painstakingly applied to the artwork that has been drawn. Glitter, like in all romance manga, and above in fact, is a prefab screentone.

There are TONS of them. The process is not so different from Kirby collaging, and later in the summer I’ll be using them extensively. In today’s art, I wanted to give it a try, and viola! Romantic screen tone background, as Cap accepts a can of soda from Kashima!

A positive post, with a fun “prince” and lot’s of glitter to summarize the antics of Grad Night!

Even with the buses leaving at 3:20 AM…I still walked in the door at home around five…so that good day was pretty exhausting. Of course, the Edu-Lords make a total pass on it, and don’t go at all.

How could they? It is FUN, after all.

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