I’m thinking that the Collector is going to be kind of peeved about that wall.

I felt like I had to do a second post about Grad Night, in order to be properly narrative. My first stop at Downtown Disney was at the Build-A-Bear Workshop, to make next year’s School Time Pony. That happened, and yes, I did just straight up jam a pony into Star-Lord’s uniform, because I KNEW I was going on the “Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!” ride.

At the Build A Bear…they know that you will be hauling around your pony through the park, so they have a special backpack for your little friend, which cost next to nothing. Amazingly convenient, and good points for planning there, Build A Bear Workshop.

That pony sprang into existence, and then went on a rapid fire stream of very, very intense rides. I feel like it must have some serious emotional problems at this point, as a result of its very drastic origins. Last year’s School Time Pony was made late in the day, and missed out on most of those shenanigans.

Everyone has been asking me, “What happens to last year’s School Time Pony?” I’ve been responding with, “She gets to retire,” and really…everyone goes to a pretty @#$%ing Dark Place when I say that. First off…let’s be fair, that pony has earned a quiet retirement…180 days of Public Education, tons of school activities, and a major car accident riding shotgun in a loaner car. That pony had some serious stress. As a result, “retirement” consists of being able to sit quietly with some pony friends in the upstairs office/art studio, and just be part of the process of making Tales of Adequacy.

So, NO, nothing horrible is happening to School Time Pony 2016-17. Bring it down a notch, True Believers.

I felt like I needed to do an arrival story for the current School Time Pony, even though he doesn’t take over the job until August. As a result, we have today’s artwork. Enjoy.

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