No Tribble At All.

Those guys seem like they have been carrying a grudge for a while.

Honestly, this isn’t really a fight that Cap needs to pay a whole lot of attention to. That’s an Andorian, a Klingon (Old School), and some kind of Vulcanoid that has been hitting the gym with a ton of logic. I’m convinced that ALL of them actually fight better than Cap…because Cap has no actual reason to learn how to fight at all. She’s nigh invulnerable and can bench press mountains. Boxing or kung fu just aren’t going to hold any interest for her.

So yeah…those guys all fight better than her. But this isn’t Apollo, Trelane, or V’Ger…the Cosmic A-listers of Original Trek, to name just a few. It’s three guys, albeit strong as hell for their species, and again, probably way better fighters. How do they stack up? That’s the first question we will address, and the second question is, “Why are they trying to mug Cap in the first place?”

Again…Cap has Generic Silver Age Alien American Powers. That’s an important benchmark. She can throw a meteor, or punch one to stop it from hitting the Earth. In the strip itself, we have seen her hold up a falling mountainside, punch out Kryptonians, and throw around automobiles with ease. She has taken hits from Hulks, and beaten Hulks in one on one slugfests. She has been punched into orbit by a Hulk, and been merely confused about it for a bit.

I did a bunch of research for this next part, because it’s summer, and I can.

So…Vulcanoid species. The guy in the foreground. He might be a Romulan, he might be a Vulcan bodybuilder…but the two groups originate on the same planet. Romulans migrated away to avoid enlightenment, and stay violent and crazy. In theory, they were looking for a planet similar to Vulcan to settle on…so the specifics of that guy’s backstory just don’t matter that much.

That said? On an episode of “Deep Space Nine” (“Take me out to the Holosuite”) it is established that Vulcans are on the average three times stronger than humans. So…if an average man can deadlift 200 lbs, that average Vulcan is deadlifting about 600 lbs. That guy looks like he’s pretty @#$%ing buffed, so let’s give him another 200 lbs, making him at 800 lbs.

That’s still considerably less than say…a PT Cruiser, which we see Cap lifting over her head in anger to destroy very early in Adequacy. That guy is in over his @#$%ing head, and he’s the one picking her up by her presumably red shirt.

What about the Klingon? Klingons are tough. While Klingons can be agreed to be tougher than humans (redundant vital organs, train as warriors from childhood and assumed to focus on physical fitness and fighting), on average they SEEM to be about as strong as humans. I say that because of the @#$% ton of them that Kirk just WADES through in the course of the original series. However…that’s just the Magic of Kirk.

A good example of the average Klingon is “Star Trek III”, where Kruge picks up Kirk and throws him easily, and a great distance indicating FAR superior strength. In the same film, young Spock (complicated plot, that) threw a Klingon about as far, by himself. So, I think Klingon must be somewhere around a Vulcan in strength, because we see the two perform the exact same feat of superhuman strength…at maybe three times the strength of a human.

So…I feel bad for that Klingon guy holding her wrist. If throwing Klingons is our benchmark, we have frequently seen Cap throw superhumans (usually Darths of some kind) from a planet’s surface DIRECTLY into the Sun. She’s not a lefty, so she might not get him to the Sun…that’s an accuracy thing.

Oh…and it would have to be the Sun of whatever planet they are on, not Earth’s Sun. How would she know which way to throw him in the sky to get him to our Sun, anyway? What is she, Stephen Hawking?

What about that last guy, the Andorian with the knife? He’s gotta be good, right? He’s BLUE, he has antannae, and was hyped as a warrior culture. He MUST bring the thunder.

In “Enterprise”, the Andorians were slightly stronger than human MACO’s which are like the Marines in a spaceship. So…they are stronger than an above average human, on the average. Let’s give him TWICE as strong. Really…he’s not turning that tide, True Believers.

Sure…add them together, and it’s like she’s fighting eight guys. That’s great, and you are getting a serious deal on your henchmen if your hiring policies get you a trio of dudes who are as strong as a whole high school baseball team. In this case though, once she gets over being startled, they are toast.

In fact, I bet that’s WHY she’s startled. She’s so amazed that three people from advanced space cultures could be so incredibly STUPID, that she’s just caught flat footed here. That makes sense to me.

This was actually drawn to continue experimenting with that secondary detail process and color treatment, and exploit some of the more interesting properties of that procedure. Let’s see how that came out, for those of us that like “process of art” bits…

It really allowed me good detail on the klingon, and that buffed guy.

I promised to get into WHY this one sided fight might happen. Obviously, I just wanted to draw some Star Trek Bad Guys…and I needed them to seem like they were menacing in some way. That even happens with Superman covers in the Silver Age…guys you KNOW Supes can take on easliy are just throwing him around like a rag doll. In this case, I wanted to have a sense of action, a sense of Things Happening, and I wanted Cap being in space to start to be an Event.

Look at how much was happening in YESTERDAY’S art. I was competing with that.

Still…narratively, some of my readers want to know why things like this are happening. As a result…it really changed my view on yesterday’s piece. That’s not a flashback…she’s clearly visiting the Enterprise, because she’s in space, and locked out of the Earth. Thanks, Steve Rogers, for locking us out of the Earth for the @#$%ing summer. If yesterday’s piece isn’t a flashback, than these guys today can be holding a grudge for something that happening in the seventies or the eighties, which I sort of decided was the case while drawing it.

That doesn’t mean that Cap DIDN’T roll out in the seventies or eighties with the Enterprise…she clearly did, and has the red shirt to prove it. Again, that’s why these guys are so mad. I’m thinking that maybe when Kirk and Spock are dealing with Klingon spies and tribbles on Deep Space Station K7, she was cheating at cards, or doing some other sort of inappropriate gambling or weird schemes. THESE guys got shafted on that, and then the Enterprise just up and left, leaving the matter unresolved. The post’s title, in fact, came from the fact that there are no tribbles in the art, and that everyone in the picture would have completely avoided the main plot of that episode.

That would even explain why these guys aren’t painfully aware that she’s invulnerable and can throw them into space. Why WOULD they know?

That was all going through my head as I drew it, because people actually ask me and send me questions like that.

I’m not sure what the next piece in this bit will be…so if you ask that, I won’t have an explanation. I have a whole day to work it out.


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