Something To Klingon To…

This was hard to do.

I felt like after yesterday’s post, I should draw Cap throwing a space ship the @#$% out of a star system. You know, really illustrate those Silver Age Alien American superhero powers. In addition, Friday was kind of stupidly frustrating, so it seemed like a constructive way to illustrate those frustrations.

What people who don’t draw on a regular basis do with their frustrations, I just don’t know.

Anyway…I wanted to draw her just straight up hurling an Old School Klingon Battle Cruiser out of a star system (that’s the D-7 Model, by the way). When I sat down to do it, I was confused for a bit. I mean…sure, I think that I know what it looks like when say, Superman catches a spaceship and throws it someplace. The thing is…in a practical sense, I DON’T.

The first problem was simple enough, but puzzling. How does she grab it? It’s HUGE. I mean…it’s hard lifting a really big rug, because you can’t easily grab it. I eventually settled on her doing what you see above…sort of putting her hands around the leading edge of the bottom of the wing-like sections, over her head. That way, I didn’t have to worry about her having a good grip, or about the issue of the handholds coming apart in her hands.

That informed Panel Two, which was sort of an overhand toss. Initially, I intended to have the ship facing away from her, so that she’d be going WITH the action of the engines. I didn’t like the way that looked on the page, so I instead went with the ship facing toward her…which means she’s pushing against the action of the engines. Honestly, that makes the feat several orders of magnitude MORE super, since she has to then completely overcome engines that run on matter/antimatter annihilation as an energy source, and can easily drive a massive battle cruiser at multiple times the speed of light. The thing was big and heavy to start with, but then basically saying, “Um…no” to the numbers involved for energy and thrust there….that is one SUPER toss.

There’s not a huge amount of story here…I’m still sort of on the Star Trek thing from earlier in the week, obviously. I was frustrated, and felt like illustrating that. Those came together in the art…which I guess, theoretically could be connected to yesterday’s piece, since there was a Klingon in that. I’m not really willing to sit down and work out how one connects to the other, however. Sometimes, you just need to chuck a Klingon starship out of the star system you are in, and that’s that.


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