All My Tribbles Seemed So Far Away…

It’s not even their space station…

Today has me involved in a few things, none of them all that “interesting.” It’s basically a day of cleaning up tribbles…nothing too challenging, but a whole lot of it. The nice thing about Summer Vacation is that you can kind of plan around just that. With a whole bunch of days off, it’s not like you can’t just set one aside for chores.

Right now, even as I type this, I’m paying bills. Not the best chore, but it needs to get done. At least my check has an image of Superman chucking a burning mass into the sky…it’s pretty much what it feels like I’m doing with my money. Then pay my storage unit, wash the car, and update my cell phone plan. See? Basic “clean up those tribbles” level chores.

I’ll be leaving soon, to handle a couple of those in person, as that seems to get things done better (at least in my experience). After I finish them up, I’m going to help a friend unpack their booth and inventory from Anime Expo, which was this past weekend. That will not just be a tribble hunt, that will be a tribble sorting, and a tribble shelving, possibly even tribble filing. It’s a literal truckload of stuff, and it pretty much needs to get done today.

Hence, today’s artwork. Somebody has to clean up all those tribbles.

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