Kling-Off, Buddy…!

Ouch! That’s gonna leave a bruise…maybe a concussion.

I’m going to get this out of the way FAST. I prefer the Old School Klingons. I don’t dislike the more nuanced, big forehead klingons that we have now…I just prefer the Old School.

Arguably, the Forehead Klingons are tougher, which is good for that guy getting pimp slapped by Cap. See how she’s not really leaning into it at all, or in fact, really trying? That’s right. That’s because a few days ago, I drew her tossing an entire spaceship full of Klingons out of a star system. One Klingon…that’s just not that big a deal for someone who tosses spaceships.

Obviously, since post number 1701 of Adequacy, I’ve been watching a whole lot of Star Trek.

I’m going to say it here…too much of a big deal has been made over “continuity” and the Klingon forehead thing. Obviously, the whole reason Klingons looked the way they did in The Original Series was budgetary. That fine. Ever since the retconned Klingons first appeared in “Star Trek: The Motion Picture,” I took the viewpoint of “Klingons always looked like that, I just didn’t notice because they did not have the budget to MAKE Klingons look like that.” It didn’t produce too many plot holes until the writers started producing episodes to try and explain the retcon. That made the proverbial waters pretty muddy, and at this point, I more or less disregard them. My thesis for that disregard is primarily founded in the idea that the three Klingon Captains from The Original Series come back for a Deep Space Nine episode, and have the foreheads. This suggests pretty strongly to me that I just didn’t notice their heads in the Original Series, because of dollars.

Obviously, I’ve been fact checking things like, “How strong is a Klingon, anyway?” for these posts.

It turns out that the Klingons possess a “robust and enduring biology as well as large and muscular statures.” They appear to be among the strongest fully organic humanoid species seen, being vastly stronger than humans. That was in contradiction to my earlier reseatch, which put them on par with Vulcans…but Spock was the strongest man on the enterprise, by a large margin, so…okay. Forhead Klingons have been seen on multiple occasions proving the physical equal or superior of Jem’Hadar and Hirogen, two other races possessing immense strength. Only the semi-artificial Borg and artificial lifeforms such as Data are clearly stronger. In Forehead Klingons, every organ has a backup, and their rapid metabolism allows injured Klingons to heal quickly….like a low ren Wolverine. All of this makes Klingons extremely hardy and difficult to kill, as necessitated by their aggressive nature, and pretty resistant to physical trauma.

The point of that little book report? Oh, yeah.

That Forehead Klingon will probably be pretty unhappy, but considering that Cap isn’t going for broke, he might actually survive the slap. Impressive. Maybe that’s why you just throw whole ships of these guys out of the System you’re in…it’s just easier and more convenient.

I think part of the reason that I’m not that fond of the Forehead Klingons is the idea of Klingon Glasnost. They were thinly veiled Communist Russians in the Original Series and the Films…until suddenly, they were allies of a sort. Hostile allies that you didn’t understand very well, but allies. Where that MIGHT be more subtle, nuanced storytelling…sometimes I just want a clearly defined Bad Guy, that you love to hate.

Obviously, Cap feels similarly.

Its interesting that in the real world, Russia seems to be becoming a “threat” again…possibly influencing elections, and generally interfering in government outside their own borders. It’s pretty interesting that ACTUAL Glasnost seems to be going slightly by the wayside…possibly in part because of American “leadership.” I try not to be political (outside of education) in this strip, but I felt like I had to get that dig in.


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