Of Course You Need A Rematch With The Gorn…

Yep…she would get saddled with the rematch with a Gorn.

Ah…the Gorn. Only one appearance in The Original Series, but definitely one of the most well known of the Old School Bad Guys.

Don’t know anything about the Gorn? Fine…I’ve got you covered. The Gorn were a cold-blooded, reptilian species with green, rubbery skin, red blood and an average height of approximately two meters. They tended to be many times stronger than most humanoids, but slower and less agile. They had much greater stamina and durability, with Kirk dropping huge boulders on the one Gorn…and almost having that go unnoticed. Like most cold-blooded species, they preferred warmer temperatures. Also, Gorn could survive exposure to the vacuum of space….which says something very huge about their toughness.

So, yeah…if you had Cap just sort of riding along with the Enterprise for a while, you would make the Gorn her problem. In the one episode that they appeared, the Gorn Captain takes an extreme amount of punishment. During the first skirmish between Captain Kirk and the Gorn, Kirk hurled a boulder at his opponent, only for it to bounce off the Gorn’s skin. Later, he caused a giant boulder to roll down a mountain and hit the Gorn. Though this temporarily stunned him, he was not injured. Kirk finally managed to wound and disable the Gorn with a primitive cannon comprised of rope-wrapped bamboo as a barrel, with RAW DIAMONDS as projectiles and a homemade gunpowder mixture as propellant. If you have a super strong crew member, you would have THEM take this guy on.

Obviously, this was an exciting episode.

I haven’t done that many vertical compositions as of late, so that’s part of the reason for the “movie poster” style composition here. I wanted to include the Gorn’s very fashion forward 1960’s print on his uniform, so that meant he was going to be larger than the others. The Gorn did NOT shy away from glitter, he was very confident is his reptilian masculinity.

I’m not the only one who fondly remembers this scaly antagonist. The Gorn are the villains of the 2013 “Star Trek” game for PlayStation. It was NOT well received. The game was set before “Star Trek: Into Darkness,” featuring fifteen varieties of completely updated and redesigned male and female Gorn ranging in size, intelligence and color, designed by Neville Page. They were like Jurassic Park style dinosaur people, much more lizard-y than the original Gorn, with lasers and so forth. They are depicted as originating from another galaxy which they have conquered by the time they reach the Milky Way Galaxy via a wormhole created by a terraforming device on New Vulcan. Got all that? I had to read a lot of the game’s summary to give you that sentence, you know. The Gorn for the game have a mind-controlling venom that turns enemies on each other, practice bio-enhancement, and are generally just a meaner, yet still superstrong set of opponents.

Again…they game was NOT successful. Possibly in part because the Gorn is such an iconic image from 1960’s science fiction, that isn’t really that malleable, you know?

The art was a big chore, in part because of the space background. Like a whole lot of those complex, pattern based backgrounds these days, I did that part separately, after the initial pencils. I’m posting the pencils here, untreated in any way, because I’m proud of them and they were hard to draw.

Yay! Gorn pencils!

I’m continuing the Star Trek thing for a bit longer, because I’m enjoying it, and because of both “Secret Empire” and school being out for Summer Vacation, the content and the setting work for me right now. Stan Lee said that if a character was going into Space, it should be an Event. So…I’m making an Event here, complete with its own visual lexicon. Hopefully, Stan’s editorial decree is being satisfied.


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